London Workers Commuting for 75 Minutes

London Underground Train - commuting

A study by the TUC has found that London workers spend an average 75 minutes each day travelling to and from work – much higher than the national average.

Elsewhere in the UK, 52.8 minutes the usual travel time and in Wales it falls to just 41.4 minutes commuting a day.

“With rising transport costs far outstripping pay rises, reducing the number of peak-time commutes would save both time and money for hard-pressed workers,” says General Secretary of the TUC, Brendan Barber.

“Recent trends suggest there is a link between long commute times and longer hours in the office, with the growing number of men in part-time work having shorter journeys to work.

“This trend is concerning if it means part-time workers and those needing to balance work with caring responsibilities are being excluded from certain types of jobs.”

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