London Workers Losing Art of Conversation?

office workers emailing

Desk bound employees across London are losing the art of conversation according to new research, with the majority of office workers opting to use email and avoid face-to-face conversation with colleagues.

Based on a poll of 600 people, workers revealed that they preferred to keep a distance between their colleagues and say email as a way of sidestepping difficult questions or being railroaded in to adding to their workload.

Despite this reluctance, 32% of those questioned agreed that face-to-face conversations did help to solve problems more efficiently, highlighting the limitations of online communications such as email.

While those polled clearly felt more comfortable using tools such as email and Skype, 97% of those polled said they still considered it to be important to put a face to the growing number of virtual colleagues to help forge long-term relationships – and probably so they can avoid them in the corridor.


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