Man’s Secret to Immediately Improving an Out and About Business Look

Business accessories

A strong spotlight has been shining recently on office design. By now many of us are aware of the influence that office and desk space has on business and our performance, with most now nailing the clutter free, cactus featuring colourful desk design.

However,  modern day employees can find themselves out of the office for an entire day or weekend for business. So, how do you keep yourself looking stylish and feeling good about your workload whilst out and about?

Londonoffices can help. Looking and feeling in control has never been easier with the chic yet practical accessories featured below.



                             – I realise that I probably don’t need to sell you on the importance of having a notebook with you when you’re on a business trip or a meeting away from your office. However, what you may not realise is that a notebook is a symbol of your professionalism to the people you are meeting with.

It is a representation of your organisation, your seriousness about your role and your thoroughness towards your job. A barely held together notebook with a missing cover and coffee stains on intermittent pages will not represent you well.

Acquire a smart, leather notebook to organise your thoughts and ensure you give the right impression.

Aspinal of London, Regent Street, £50

Aspinal of London Notebook


                              – Again, suggesting that you take a pen to a business event seems glaringly obvious but investing in a smart, long lasting and robust pen is a worthwhile task. Pulling out your chewed up biro to sign on an important dotted line may give clients second thoughts.

Being equipped with a smart pen will show that you came prepared to seal the deal and you are serious about working with this client.

Mont Blanc, New Bond Street, £170

Mont Blanc Pen

Cuff links

                              – The ultimate stylish businessman’s accessory that will perfectly compliment a fine watch. Cuff links are a sign that you care about the details. They finish off a sharp suit or crisp shirt with a nice shine. Caring about the details in your appearance is a good sign of someone who is also comprehensive in business.

Not only will these details give clients confidence in you but dressing the part improves your self-perception, making you feel more confident and in control.

Mont Blanc, also at Canary Wharf, £205

Mont Blanc cuff links


                              – As well as being helpful for holding your laptop and paperwork, a briefcase is also a style statement. It is an immediately obvious part of an outfit and while your suit and hair may be styled to perfection, having a battered looking briefcase will unravel it all.

Being the fortress that holds all your important papers, ensure that your briefcase shows you care about what’s inside it. Bringing your pitch in a rucksack or carrier bag can suggest to your client that you don’t take pride in the business you are about to propose and therefore, why should they.

Carl Friiedrik, Royal Exchange, £395

Carl Friedrick Briefcase

Card Holder

                              – Last but certainly not least, you may want to consider the appearance of your card holder or wallet. If you are likely to be presenting your business card to your potential clients, the last thing you want to do is deter from the professionalism of the card with an unimpressive holder.

A smart, leather card holder or wallet is the perfect accompaniment to your briefcase that will allow you to feel proud when handing over a representation of yourself.

Mullbery, New Bond Street, £175

Mulberry Wallet

Although it may seem simple, or even trivial, preparation and presentation is important. Details are everything and being thorough in your preparation and your appearance can change your client’s mind-set in an instant.

It is true what they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s a good one!