Mature yet Modern a Valuable, Popular New Way of Working in London

Modern way of working in London

In the modern day, life, tech, trends and design are all constantly changing and office space is certainly no exception. In recent times, the way that people are working in London has seen a shift with an increased demand for design focused, comfortable workspace that does not compromise on professionalism and productivity.

The concept of serviced offices is relatively new in itself but there has been no slowing down its popularity over the past 10 years or more. When popularity increases so does competition and with competition comes the opportunity for clients to be meticulous in their requirements. As a result concepts including co-working and hot-desking, business lounges and onsite meeting rooms are now common in most offices.

As reported in Inc., “With new technology and increased connectivity, employees can often work from virtually everywhere. That means that there’s not just one office and place to work. Even within workspaces, there are often myriad office options available, from open spaces to conference rooms and private offices, for employees to choose from depending on their tasks. It’s no longer one size fits all for workspaces; now it is about providing options for employees to make their own choices.

In the modern day, it seems that serviced office clients are seeking a balanced way of working in London; somewhere that provides comfort and style without resembling a university campus. The modern day workplace should deliver an expert home for business that remains creative and comfortable.

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Providers Embracing New Ways of Working in London


Landmark Logo

The provider who has made the most notable change to the way their members are working in London is the former i2 Office. Having re-branded to Landmark, the company are refining their image. Onsite Client Relationship Managers provide a professional and presentable appearance with a hotel-style approach to hospitality while workspaces have been re-imagined.

Landmark is even working with a customer service organisation to ensure their members receive the best from their centres; survey results will be visible on their website to prevent standards slipping for those working in London.

Landmark members will also now be able to access a selection of ‘zones’ depending on what environment a task requires. Spaces will include private, social and collaborative settings for maximum productivity with a sophisticated feel. Offices have progressed from the corporate and cold cubical design but this does not mean they have to lack respectability.

New Cavendish Landmark

Developing colourful and stylish workspace complete with contemporary furnishings and relaxed seating areas, Landmark are certainly stepping up to meet demand for this new way of working in London.

BE Offices


As reported by Londonoffices, BE Offices (BE) are another provider that have made a number of strong business developments recently. Aware of the recent change in consumer demand, this provider has acquired a number of attractive co-working centres from Headspace Group, consequently completing their rounded portfolio of office services.

farringdon headspace group officeCheapside BE Offices

Supplying creative and relaxed yet expert workspaces alongside their traditional, luxury offices, BE have opened themselves up to a wider demand therefore, keeping them in line with the modern business’ preferred way of working in London.

Fora Space


As a newer provider to the market, Fora Space has entered the office game with this design structure in place. Stepping away from the typical co-working image of games rooms and beer taps, Fora term their environment ‘pro-working.’

Co-founder Enrico Sanna has developed Fora using his background in hospitality and his understanding of what makes a workspace inspiring. Recognising that a modern office requires more than just a desk, hospitality, technology and community are redefined at Fora.

Fora Space Lounge

A premium hotel-style service and innovative technology including member portals provide a specialised approach to the way people at these centres are working in London.

London Executive Offices


Another significant change in office design comes from provider London Executive Offices (LEO). L.E.O. are renowned for their corporate style and exclusive, elegant image. However, they have recently branched out to up-and-coming areas such as Victoria with a more stylish and contemporary fit out.

Centres within the Nova Buildings and on Broadwick Street offer members design focused, comfortable workspaces with productive breakout areas.

Nova South LEO

A LEO representative says, “As part of LEO’s ongoing growth strategy, the company has identified both Victoria and Soho as key areas in which to expand its presence and meet ongoing customer demand.

“LEO’s best-in-class, luxury office accommodation features fully-inclusive, tailored and flexible solutions, market-leading technology and the highest quality of customer service.

Keeping up with customer demand and remaining in-line with modern ways of working in London is crucial in any business. These office providers have their fingers on the pulse offering balanced workspaces that combine what’s best for business and people.