How to Prepare the Perfect Meeting within Serviced Offices in London

serviced offices in London prepared meeting room

Important business meetings within serviced offices in London can be quite nerve racking and overwhelming. While your company’s next biggest business deal may be dependent on the success of this meeting, there is the always potential for disaster.

Although there is no way of guaranteeing a glitch free meeting, there are some things you can do to subliminally lift the mood of your audience as well as reducing the potential for it to all go wrong.


One of the easiest ways to make a great first impression is to set up the meeting room in your serviced offices in London before your guests arrive. This is also a brilliant opportunity to ensure that your company is memorable. Setting the room up with pads and pens which sate your company name not only shows professionalism but is also a constant reminder of the company throughout the meeting.

prepared meeting room in Serviced Offices in London

Setting the table up with water and cups is another way to ensure your guests comfort. If your serviced offices in London are modern and the meeting room has attractive décor, placing centrepieces on the table provides a welcoming touch. Just ensure that the centrepiece is not taking up all available desk space.

Prepare Your Serviced Offices in London

With the modern day technology that is involved in even the simplest of meetings, it will almost be a certainty that something will break down, a cable will not work or a connection will not be possible. This is where preparation could save your meeting. Set up your presentation and, if time allows, run the whole thing through once before anyone arrives. This will also save time and prevent you from losing your audience before you even begin.


This means temperature control. When sitting in a room for a long period, you audience will not be able to concentrate if they are looking for the nearest window to open or scrambling for their coats. Setting the meeting room within your serviced offices in London to an optimum temperature before your conference begins is another way of maintaining well-being and concentration.

Serviced Offices in London with a thermostat

It may be a good idea, if the day is mild, to open a window and allow natural ventilation into the room. Fresh air is the best way to keep people focused and alert.


No, we are not suggesting that you manipulate potential clients; this is not a sensible way to secure a business deal. Manipulation is for the room. Furniture, layout and lighting within meeting rooms in serviced offices in London are all further ways to keep guests content.

Furniture is best when kept professional. Your meeting room may be contemporary but ergonomically designed furniture will certainly be more welcomed than fashionable and uncomfortable pieces. Furthermore, consider practicality. Long desks can often make it difficult for larger groups to hold discussions. Having a round table within meeting rooms in serviced offices in London will make it easier for everyone to see and hear your presentation and the thoughts of the group. Multiple projector screens around the room will also save a number of neck muscles from injury.

Dover Street Serviced Offices in London meeting room

Lastly, perfect the lighting. Meeting rooms with natural light are the most ideal. Maximising on natural light as much as possible avoids strain on the eyes and aids with concentration. However, if artificial lighting is necessary for your serviced offices in London, ensure that it is neither harsh nor dull. Exposure to strong lighting could lead to headaches while low lighting may cause drowsiness.

Choosing a business centre with a meeting room appropriate for your company is important. Londonoffices has access to the entire London market. We will ensure you find the right serviced offices in London and meeting space for the success of your business.