How to Create a Modern Reception with Brand Personality

office space in London West End TOG reception

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is also the case for business centres. A presentable reception designed with a focus on functionality and style will go a long way in representing your business.

Accurately reflecting your company brand takes more than a bit of colour and a few chairs. Companies need to consider what style of design reflects their culture, envisioning everything from accessories to the materials used.


Further aspects to contemplate when choosing an office or redesigning a reception include, what the space will be used for, what tools are needed to support this and how employees could benefit from the space too.

Aside from simply waiting for their host, guests and employees can use reception spaces for informal meetings, as an alternative workspace, to make calls or to just simply take time out and regather their thoughts. Presenting a practical reception gives the immediate impression that a business is serious about what they do and what they are achieving with their brand.

L.E.O Reception ft. Lounge Space

Furthermore, adding tools such as power points for laptops and phones as well as table tops and even storage options to a reception space will allow guests to feel instantly welcomed and engaged.


As for the design, there are almost endless options, layouts, materials and textures that can go into the perfect welcome.

Design trends in modern day offices focus mainly around the idea of flexibility and freedom. Using modular seating that is easily configurable that adapts to the needs of groups, singles or pairs is the most versatile way of furnishing a reception space.

Modular Office Furniture for reception

However, open plan settings, while great for encouraging networking and unity, can sometimes neglect privacy. Adding high screens to the back of seating and furniture is a great way of offering optional discretion and zoning.

Utilising Reception Space and Accessorising

As LDN Update recently discussed, many co-working providers are increasingly choosing to take space in smaller centres to create a tight knit community atmosphere. This therefore reduces the possibility for large, vibrant reception areas. However, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility for a memorable welcome. Wall seats are a great solution for tighter spaces. They can be included in any number of storage walls presenting a cosy breakout space within an attractive design feature.

Wall Seat for Small Reception Spaces

Finishing off the look is just as important as feature aspects. Accessories such as lighting, plants, rugs and art work bring everything together while demonstrating that your business understands the importance of attention to detail. Selecting objects that tell a story of your company or that directly relate to the business also adds that extra touch of brand value.

Creating a Focus

The reception desk is more important than many people realise; it is often the main feature of a welcome space and is the first thing a guest looks for when entering an office building. Therefore it is highly important that the desk fits in with the design of the reception as a whole and really reflects the image you are trying to create.

OSIT Monument Reception Desk

This St. Dunstans Hill office is nearby to HMS and its theme represents a luxury Yacht. The boat shaped reception desk is a really special feature.

Digital wall art and graphics behind the desk as well as pendant lighting above the desk are memorable ways of making a significant impact within a reception space. Using lighting in the desk itself is another effective way of creating a desired look. While I’m not suggesting that you light up your reception like Blackpool tower, subtle and carefully considered lighting can really make an impact on design. Using business colours in the lighting is also ideal for driving home that brand image.

Material Matters

The material used to configure a reception desk is another key aspect of design. An increasingly popular trend, especially throughout locations such as Shoreditch and Old Street, is that of the industrial office. Featuring a concrete desk here is the ideal way of syncing the reception with the rest of the office interiors. Many offices are also opting for the fresh and calming qualities of nature to design their spaces. Using warmer materials such as wood for a reception desk can help to enhance this design.

Tintagel House TOG Reception Desk

This Waterloo office uses a stone-effect material for their reception desk to enhance the natural, stylish yet rugged interior design of the business centre.

We understand that the options and alternatives involved in designing an effective reception space can at first seem overwhelming. However, just a little bit of time and thought will often produce invaluable results. A reception space isn’t just for a lonely desk and your business will definitely benefit from a practical, memorable reception.