Mood Boosting Summer Songs for Upbeat Office Feels


In a previous Londonoffices article we have delved into the music world to discover the power that certain songs and genres can have on our emotions and mood. Well, with all the good sunshine vibes around the city at the minute, we wanted to bring the good times in with a mood boosting summer playlist that is worthy of any workplace this summer.

For almost everyone a certain song, album or artist will produce a specific memory when played. There is that long summer night with friends, that top down country drive with a loved one or maybe it’s that afternoon in the garden doing absolutely nothing with your pooch by your side. We’ve all had those moments of bliss that wouldn’t have been the same without those feel good songs creating the soundtrack of the day.

Music is a valuable tool in just about any situation, easily manipulating our emotions, stirring up courage, energy, creativity or confidence. Listening to music while you work has the same effect and can create a brilliantly energised atmosphere at even the dullest offices. Sneak these little summer bangers on to the company speakers next Monday and watch the magic happen.

  1. This is Me – Keala Steele (The Greatest Showman Soundtrack)

The Greatest Showman Keala Settle

There is nothing like a musical to get spirits high and this phenomenal soundtrack is definitely one of the greats. Celebrating an astonishing 21 weeks at the top of the album charts we guarantee it’ll be a hit in the office.

The tracked titled ‘This is me’ is an empowering ballad about self-belief and self-worth. The Bearded Lady Played by Keala Steele preforms the song with an infectious passion that almost bursts out of her chest.

  1. 2002 – Anne Marie

Anne-Marie Mood boosting music

This one is all about the nostalgia. For the younger members of the team they will perfectly relate to the lyrics in which Anne Marie references songs from her teenage years back in, you guessed it, 2002.

The catchy and feel good chorus is a clever montage that will transport you back to a more carefree time. Of course, the underlying love story is sure to warm a few hearts too!

  1. Make Your Own Kind of Music – Paloma Faith


Already an iconic part of a power fuelled advert by SKODA, many will already have this song bouncing around their minds. The track is the sound that accompanies the ‘driven by something different’ slogan and once you hear it, you’ll know why.

Encouraging listeners to ‘sing your own special song, even if nobody else sings along’ reinforces the beauty of individuality and braveness that will inspire creative juices to flow throughout the office.

  1. Nice for What – Drake

Drake Mood Boosting Music

It may be a good idea to source the radio edit of this self-love song before adding it to the office playlist but its ‘power to women’ message is hard to ignore. Praising working females who make their own living while knowing their self- worth, this song is another massive confidence booster.

If you’re struggling to remember why you got into the role you’re in and what motivates you to get yourself to work each day, this upbeat and attitude filled number is sure to jog your memory.


  1. Girls Like You – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 Mood Boosting Music

Maroon 5 are certainly no stranger to a summer jam and they definitely know a thing or two about an uplifting melody. This fun, carefree song reminds us to live a little more recklessly and do things simply because we want to.

Again, the song features powerful, independent women and the lyrics are all about celebrating the fun and free side of liberated females. If none of this gets your foot tapping, the simple, catchy chorus certainly will.

According to Music therapist Adam Sankowski, of the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, “Our brains and bodies are hardwired for music. This is something neurological research has increasingly supported. Through brain-scanning technology, researchers can now clearly see multiple parts of the brain light up when someone listens to music.

“The same trick can be used in our everyday lives: by putting on the right soundtrack at the right time we can actually sleep better, exercise harder and work more productively.

So the next time your boss complains about you playing music in the office or listening to your headphones just remind them that it is great for both wellbeing and productivity!