New Season, New Freedoms, New Focus for Getting Back into the Office

fresh start new start

For many people the summer has brought mixed emotions, a little disorganisation and once again a new level of adjustment. Some of us have moved back into the office, some are easing back in part time and others have chosen to stay at home for a short while longer to integrate with society little by little.

Readjusting to Life as We Knew It

After a few weeks of what is now considered normal life – no social distancing, no masks, no limitations in general – it may feel like the once organised routine and lifestyle you had before Covid has been completely lost.

We’re used to having a fridge and a kitchen at our disposal so no need to meal prep. We may have abandoned smart dress, leaving the work wardrobe in need of a refresh. What’s more, fitting in that workout has never been easier with the local park just a short walk away. Having your work, family and health needs all met in close proximity has meant that the organised lists of the past have perhaps disappeared altogether.

While this was ideal when working from home and socialising less, as we venture out more it may begin to feel chaotic. So, as the new season approaches and a natural shift begins to occur, there’s no better time to take a breath and reassess your daily habits and routine.

Plan out Your Day

Get yourself a back-to-school process. When we were young there was nothing that made us feel more the part than a new uniform accessorised with a pencil case full of brand-new kit. The same applies for organising your work-life too.

Pick up a new diary and start planning out your day. Timing is everything and moving back to the office can come with a few obstacles if we don’t take five minutes to plan things out. For example, if you use public transport, check the timetable hasn’t changed. If you drive, check there’s no major roadworks on your route or that charges haven’t come into play in certain areas.

Use your planner to organise your priorities at work as well as outside of the office. When will you do your weekly run or get the groceries? Will you have time to cook or do you need a time slot for meal prep? Having these aspects of your life in order will make you feel more in control of your work life too.

Rerun Your Old Routine

Then move on and tackle your wardrobe, make-up bag, your general morning routine. Whilst we’ve been at home, we have been able to relax a little with our day-to-day appearance. Get into the habit of reclaiming the full morning routine and remind yourself how much time you need to get business ready.

Next, try on your workwear. It’s a good idea to both plan your outfits in advance and ensure you’re happy with the way your clothes look and fit. After 18 months in a wardrobe, things could have easily gone out of style and many of us can say we’ve certainly changed shape during lockdown too. Putting together new outfits or even buying yourself something new can make you feel more confident and prepared to face the world again.

As the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Despite the daily routine once being second nature, the world has changed dramatically in the past year and moving back to old habits will still take a certain level of adjustment. Hopefully these few tips will help.