New report predicts more than 50% of employees will work from home in future

New report suggests in-office working may become a thing of the past.

5000 company bosses believe more than half of employees will work from home in the future according to the Virgin Media Business study.

Within the next decade more than half of all employees will work from home – that’s the message from the latest Virgin Media Business study which interviewed 5000 company bosses across a range of industries.

In addition to the introduction of more flexible working practices, the report found that 72% of bosses also believed that meeting in person could soon become outdated and unnecessary. The report goes on to say that a large number of businesses are already putting flexible working methods into practice in anticipation of the changes.

More than 30% of businesses said installing superfast broadband was now their number one priority as they prepared for employees to regularly work away from the office.

Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media Business Tony Grace commented: “Businesses are already getting fit for purpose by investing in cloud-based software, virtual private networks or investing in new tools such as Unified Communications to ensure that remote teams remain connected and engaged. The growth in video and social media across corporate networks is also supporting this migration away from the traditional office confines; the importance to underlying network infrastructure once more comes under the spotlight.”

The anticipated rise of flexible working is guaranteed to be welcomed by commuters – more than 60% said they expected to be commuting less thanks to new technology which has been designed to make working from home easier than ever.

The new report comes in direct contrast to a recent study which found that the majority of staff would rather work in the office than at home.’s Annual Survey revealed that more than half of workers want to be seen in the office, while 72% of the 1200 global executives interviewed said there is a low demand from staff members to work at home.

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