Visible Radiation Image

Gadgets to the Rescue – Shocking Truth about Office Radiation

Almost every hour of everyday we will be checking our phones, using Wi-Fi or starring at a screen. Although our devices have highly convenient benefits, at work, when travelling or for simply staying in the know, could t...

Office job interview success

Grads Find your Ideal Office Job: Advice Pre, Post and During an Interview

For many people, the prospect of leaving university is the most daunting milestone in life. You’ve gone as far as you can in education (unless you’re considering a post grad) and it’s time to jump on that career la...

Elizabeth Line Image

Why you Should Move your Office to the Elizabeth Line Now

This useful info-graphic will keep your business ahead of the relocation game in the run up to the Elizabeth line opening.  

Shoreditch street art Brick Lane

Top Five Reasons to Base your Business in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is an area that has its own individual style and culture. Nothing, from the restaurants to the office designs is ordinary in this unique area of Central London. Perfect for entrepreneurs and young, innovative...

serviced offices in London prepared meeting room

How to Prepare the Perfect Meeting within Serviced Offices in London

Important business meetings within serviced offices in London can be quite nerve racking and overwhelming. While your company’s next biggest business deal may be dependent on the success of this meeting, there is the a...

Rent a space in London Co-working courtesies

Co-Working Courtesies: Rent a Space in London on the Co-working Scene

Stress in the workplace can spring from many more factors than just the workload. When you rent a space in London, just the physical environment and features within it can add extra stress to your working day.   C...

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Serviced Offices Simply Explained Through Our Helpful Expert Info-graphic

New up-and-coming businesses emerge within the market day by day, the economy is constantly changing and the pace of business never seems to slow, particularly within London. With all this in mind, coupled with the ease...

Frustrated working in Central London office space

A Worker’s Guide to London Office Etiquette

In many cases, they're in our lives for eight hours a day five days a week whether we like it or not!   Yes we're talking about our colleagues. In most situations the office environment is a happy one where...

Smelly London offices lunch

No Eggs-cuses – Foods You Shouldn’t Eat in London Offices

What is that smell!? These are four little words that we at Londonoffices hear almost daily around lunch time. As much as we love an afternoon curry or a lovely tuna salad, the smell in the office or office kitchen can o...

E-mail invites in London shared office space

Overlooked for Promotion? Check your Out of Office E-mail

Why not you? You gave a great presentation, have worked hard all year, are always on time. Why have you still not got that promotion? Well, your out of office e-mail may hold the answer.   Londonoffices' CEO C...