Offices in Londoon smart dress

Dressing for the Job Within Offices in London Engages the Brain

There is plenty of symbolic meaning attached to certain attire and the clothes we wear can change our frame of mind without us even realising it. So, is it wise that in the modern day more and more offices in London are...

Rent office space in Fitzrovia Bolsover Street

10 Popular Reasons to Rent Office Space in Fitzrovia

The thriving media scene and enviable selection of fine dining venues are just two of the 10 popular reasons to rent office space in Fitzrovia.

Serviced offices, Canary Wharf (i2 Office)

What are Central London Serviced Offices? A Question of Semantics

If there's one thing every industry on the planet has in common, it's a love of mind-boggling terminology. No trade is immune. That includes our very own sector and our Central London serviced offices.   The...

Choosing your first serviced office London (LifeofPix, Leeroy)

Choosing Your First Serviced Office in Central London

Ready to cross the threshold of your first serviced office in Central London?   Congratulations! This moment marks an impressive break through in your company development. You're on the brink of upgrading from...

Brook Street rent office space in London

The Little Things Matter in London Office Space: Helpful Business Services

During many business junctures going the extra mile can often be costly and time consuming. These simple services offer solutions to both of those problems, simplifying ways to leave a lasting impression on potential cli...

VR Headset london office space to rent

Are Virtual Reality Tours Best When Viewing London Office Space to Rent?

Modern technology is once again making our lives easier and presenting companies with new opportunities to reach wider audiences in less time. Virtual reality (VR) is one of the newest phenomena which has swept the natio...

Aerial views of offices in london to rent

Get an Aerial View of the Setting Before You Rent London Office Space

Whether you are scouting out the most aesthetic location in which to rent London office space or whether you're just looking for some pretty scenery, London has many stunning buildings and plenty of opportunities to view...

Working from home temporary office space in London

Ditch the Sofa Office, Benefit from Serviced Office Space in London

Getting a first-hand insight from our very own CEO Chris Meredith, Londonoffices looks in to the many struggles that working from home can bring and how beneficial moving to a serviced office space in London may be. &...


Top 5 Tips for Successfully Using a Broker to Rent an Office in London

London is a big old place and there are almost endless options when choosing to rent an office in London; luckily for you this is where we thrive! There are a few things that you need to do and understand before you begi...

London skyline london serviced office space

Hot Property: 3 Ways to Find the Cheapest Office Rent in London

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that demand for serviced office space in London is booming right now but what does this mean for office rent in London in terms of pricing.   It doesn't look like things...