Fuel your Day in the Right Way – Nutrition Straight to Your London Office

Bespoke Office Fuel meal prep for the London office

Here is your stress free solution to maintaining an energised feeling from morning to late afternoon. These businesses will supply you with the oomph to get yourself through the working day, all thanks to good food at your London office.

There is no need to worry about sourcing or buying ingredients, meal prep, portion control or actually remembering to bring your food to work; they have all this and much more covered.

  1. Bespoke Office Fuel Logo Small Bespoke Office Fuel

Diet is 80% of the reason that we look the way we look. That is why eating the right thing is so important.’

Bespoke Office Fuel has meal plans for all dietary requirements as well as all types of body goals. Trying to lose weight, maintain your already healthy weight or gain muscle? They do all the food science for you to help you reach your targets.

Likewise, if you are a vegetarian, pescatarian, a meat lover or someone who prefers to stay away from seafood, they have delicious and nutritious options for you too.

They will deliver to any City of London office between the hours of 12am and 6am. All you have to do is tell them what you like and where to find you!

Bespoke Office Fuel meals for the London office

  1. Fresh Fitness Food logo small Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food is another tailored service dedicated to ensuring you eat well and reach your goals, even with a busy work schedule. Knowing that everyone is different with wide-ranging goals, they have a variety of plans to make keeping healthy hassle-free.

Classifying their meal plans with simple, relatable labels, ‘summer body ’, ‘office ’, ‘fat loss, ‘muscle gain’ and many more, they precisely plan individual meals for the individual. “We carefully select high quality ingredients that are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Reaching any London office from Canary Wharf to Notting Hill and beyond you have no excuse not to eat clean!

Fresh Fitness Food Shrimp Salad for the London office

  1. Potage logo small Potage

Endorsed time and time again by publications including GQ and Women’s Health, Potage is the simple, convenient, tasty and healthy option. Their meals are perfect for the busy modern day employee wanting clean, wholesome food. Delivery is available across the whole of London also which is just the cherry on the cake.

Available to order from three weeks in advance to the very same day, Potage are organised even when you’re not.

Now in their 5th year they are growing day by day, “We’re becoming a huge hit with business customers, because of our service, quality of food (all free-range or better), packaging, presentation and zero food wastage, 96% of our customer feedback is 5-star.”

They not only look after your health but they also look after the environment too. Having a sustainability focus within their meal plans and delivery methods, Potage is the totally guilt free option.

Potage London office food collage

We humans need food to ensure that our bodies have enough energy to make it through the day. Often, many of us tend to suffer a tired and lagging feeling after lunch. We eat our canteen chips or a quick bacon sandwich and suddenly have the urge to nap. On the other hand it isn’t uncommon for the modern day worker to neglect lunch all together with the intention of getting more done. But none of this benefits us at all.

Well, here is your chance to scrap the sluggish feeling and get the hard work done for you. The above is your answer to all your dietary worries!