Office Dogs – bringing your dog to work is now acceptable

As a nation of dog lovers it is no surprise that we have now brought man’s best friend along with us to the office. Although, it may not be as crazy and as obsessive as it seems. Londonoffices take a look in to why bringing your dog to work is now acceptable.


Many places of work, especially those contemporary co-working spaces that are popular for their super relaxed and trendy vibes, foosball and ping pong tables as standard, are now accepting the idea that bringing your dog to work is a requirement of an office space for more and more people. This We Work space on Chancery Lane sees some very adorable faces pass through its doors daily and even has its own Instagram tag #dogsofwework, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


chancery-lane-1 cahcery-lane-2


Obviously if your dog isn’t potty trained or their immediate response to seeing a fellow canine is to attack, you may want to reconsider bringing it along to the office. However many people now believe that having their well trained and adorable fluffy companion with them is beneficial to their productivity. Alex, Londonoffices’ Corporate Account Director spends a lot of time in all our offices in London and he has noticed, “Working environments have evolved to seem more inviting and homely, and being the dog loving nation we are, having the option of bringing man’s best friend to the office certainly achieves this atmosphere and improves employee satisfaction.”


Not only will seeing a furry face and you always having a companion at lunch brighten any dampened spirits, it is believed that bringing your dog in to the workplace is good for your health. A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management has found that employees who brought their dogs to work were significantly less stressed at the end of their working day than those who did not have their canine colleague with them or indeed had no dog at all. After measuring employees’ initial stress levels before their working day and seeing no significant difference between them, it was noted that stress levels in participants who did not have their dog with them slowly rose throughout the day to be consistently higher than those who brought their dog in to work.


Another benefit of bringing your pooch to work is the fact that they will pretty much force you to exercise due to their own wonderful energy levels. Having your dog by your side pulling you towards the door on your lunch break is a good way to get yourself some fresh air and to take a walk following a morning of sitting at a computer going slightly crazy. As mainly sociable creatures dogs in the office are also a great way to meet people who you would otherwise have no reason to talk to across the other side of the room; sharing an interest in dogs or because they just couldn’t resist a cuddle is a good way of networking and making new connections. The Space’s office on Old Street has doggie socialising down, keeping treats behind its reception, a failsafe way to make a furry friend, and providing dog baskets on the roof terrace for a relaxed, social spot for both you and your pooch.


the-space-receptiom the-space-terrace


There are also the obvious benefits to your dog which won’t be left alone throughout the day and will have more interaction with people and crowds to build its confidence away from home. So what at first seemed like a crazy idea by a dog obsessed individual, is actually a very beneficial and healthy way to work. We see this initiative taking off in the near future.


Need an office that will let you bring your dog to work? Call us on 020 7166 7981 and make it happen.

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