Office Envy: Co-Working Cool in Angel

Co-working space in Angel

It’d be hard to find an office more on-trend right now. It’s got the bright, white interior. It’s got splashes of neon.  And it’s got co-working space. Meet this week’s Office Envy pick…

Co-working in Angel Desk View

Inside, it’s got the feel of a lovely clean campus, with neat rows of desks. Each one comes with its own lockable storage, so you can keep your stuff secure. Best of all though, is the buzz of the place which manages to be a serious working environment and yet sociable at the same time.

Angel co-working deskspace

The workspace is clean and minimalist – the perfect blank canvas for a productive day’s work. And while the partition walls give you a little privacy, they’re not so high you can’t chat to the others around you – if you want to.

Angel co-working meeting space

Not only are the meeting rooms seriously cool, they’re free to use too – whether you need a comfortable space to host a small project meeting or a larger space for something more formal (see image top of post).

We love the wing graphics too – a nod to the centre’s Angel location.

Coworking in Angel Kitchen Breakout Space

But it’s not all work. The kitchen breakout area has a more casual feel and is another great space to meet other workers. Best of all, it’s got what every office worker needs – a supply of free lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. Delicious.

Fancy co-working in Angel? Call us on 020 7166 7981 to find out how this could be your new office space.

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