Office Envy: Mayfair’s Finest

Mayfair Office Exterior

This Arts & Crafts gem has got to be one of Mayfair’s finest flexible offices. Built in a Jacobethan style (that’s a nineteenth-century revival of seventeenth-century architecture), it’s home to a thoroughly modern interior.

Mayfair Office Space Reception

Right away, from the moment you step into the reception area the scene is set – modern elegance which complements the building’s heritage beautifully.

Mayfair Office Space Lounge Area

Although no longer used, the large fireplace is the perfect focal point for this lounge area – a great space for informal meetings thanks to its comfy seating and cosy atmosphere. (If you’re looking for more formal space there are three separate meeting rooms on offer too.)

Mayfair Offices Breakout Space

It’s a great space to grab a coffee round the table too…

Mayfair Office Suites

While the offices themselves are clean and modern, making the most of the large windows to fill the workspace with plenty of light.

Mayfair Offices Lobby

And this has to be one of the most impressive staircases in Mayfair.

This could be your new office! Call our team on 020 7166 7981 to find out about availability, tours and pricing.

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