Office Envy: Urban Eclectic in Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd's Bush Office Space Lobby

For this week’s Office Envy Pick we discover this eclectically furnished office space in Shepherd’s Bush. It’s a riot of colours, textures, features and themes that make for an inspiring and creative space.

Take the lobby, with its yellow and silver walls, complete with chalkboard walls for scrawling your thoughts. It’s a space which begs for interaction.

Shepherd's Bush Office Suite

But it doesn’t end there. Every space in this business centre presents new discoveries and it’s that very lack of predictability which makes it so exciting to explore.

The vintage vibe of this office suite is a complete contrast to the contemporary lobby. That’s one serious looking desk – and the leather chair’s pretty stylish too. Meanwhile, a selection of decorative objects adds interest and character to the space.

Shepherd's Bush Offices Breakout Space

The breakout space is equally eclectic. An artistic graffiti wall serves as the backdrop for a slouchy sofa, and bubble chair suspended from the ceiling. This space is all about urban creativity and unusual as it is, it works.

Fancy working here? This could be your new office. Call our team on 020 7166 7981 to find out about current availability, pricing and tours.

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