Office moving tips

Moving offices can be a daunting prospect for any company be it large or small. There is plenty to organise and arrange whilst keeping the business up and running.

Follow a few helpful hints to keep your head above water and save yourself from drowning in the swirling sea of office supplies and cardboard boxes.

When you begin the packing process keep bin liners close by so you can throw out any unwanted items like broken pens, equipment or old papers. Use the opportunity to rid yourself of any unwanted clutter and streamline your business.

Make a list of all the items that you are taking with you to the next office space and divide them into numbered correlating sections. Fill up moving boxes and mark the lids and sides with the correct number so when it comes to unpack them you can consult the list and confirm what’s inside them. That way when you arrive at your new destination you can find the kettle first and have a quick drink before unpacking the other items.

Put people in charge of unpacking specific boxes and arranging the office layout. Delegation will help you keep your cool and lessen the load on your shoulders.

If you are purchasing new office supplies such as desks and chairs ensure you are at the new site to receive the delivery. Once workstations are set up with computers and keyboards you can move in filing cabinets and storage systems.

For a quick return to normal office duties make sure phone and internet lines are installed and all equipment is in working order.