Office Workers Face Commuter Chaos?

London Underground Train

As an estimated 1,000,000 travellers flood London’s transport network on the first day that commuters and Olympic visitors collide – what can office workers expect to cope with between now and the closing ceremony on Sunday 12th August?

For those of us who have or currently live in the capital, the underground network is without doubt the life-blood of London transport. But while the games are in town commuters heading to the office over the next few weeks will face significant disruption.

Indeed only this morning people were being advised to avoid Tower Hill and Canary Wharf, two key underground stations expected to experience significant pressure thanks to their role as “hubs” on the route into Stratford and the Olympic Park.

But for those that work in Canary Wharf, an epicentre of commerce and now the site of the largest collection of bankers and financial workers in Europe, what viable alternatives exist?

Well, thanks to the extra pressure on road and rail my personal thoughts are – none. Driving would mean coping with the “Games Lanes” while anyone who has experienced the nightmare of a tube failure or tube strike will know that traveling by bus is not an option unless you live at the end or beginning of a route – Because no one gets off in-between and therefore the buses just drive on by!

So will UK PLC simple close down until Sunday 12th August? Or have you developed a practical solution to coping with the stresses and strains of London 2012?


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