Working in Offices in Central London: 3 Ways to Avoid the Tube

London Underground Tube to offices in Central London

London is no stranger to a tube strike but what, if anything, have we learned from these actions over the years? A tube strike can provided an important lesson for London-based businesses in terms of re-evaluating our relationship to offices in Central London; not to mention a great reminder that we should never become too reliant on the tube.

Why waste time queuing for the Tube (strike or not?) when these alternatives could be the key?

See more of the city on foot

The events of previous tube strikes have made many realise how lazy the tube has made them. This alternative Tube map shows routes which make walking to your offices in Central London quicker than taking the underground.

Even if you need to travel a little further afield, London is still an incredibly walkable city – and an incredibly beautiful one. Walking is a great way to take a little more time and really look at the city around you – something you definitely can’t do on the underground. Could you walk to your offices in Central London today?

View from Portland House Offices in Central London

Borrow a Boris bike?

Foster + Partners’ vision for the SkyCycle looks more attractive than ever as an alternative to both the tube and navigating traffic on the congested London streets. If the project goes ahead – and it’s still only in the early stages at the moment – it will see a network of elevated cycle tracks created across Central London, each route capable of carrying 12,000 cyclists an hour.

In the meantime, cyclists of offices in Central London can choose between bringing their own bikes or making use of the Boris Bikes dotted around the city – although you’ll probably need to get to them extra early to beat the demand next time a strike comes around.

Hot-desking offices in Central London hold the answer

Home-working might sound like a great solution but it’s not always practical – nor is it always desirable. Hot-desking facilities are a valuable alternative because they give you access to a professional working environment equipped with internet access, telephones and printing facilities.

Quieter and more professional than working from a café, this is ideal when transport problems make it difficult to reach the office but you need to get down to work as normal. You may even be able to access meeting rooms so you can conference call (or even video conference) with colleagues or clients, so no need to postpone important discussions if you can’t get to your regular offices in Central London.

To save the most time, make use of hot-desking facilities by heading to a business centre within walking distance of your home. Central London is full of facilities like these but if you’re further out in Greater London, you’ll find options here too. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get yourself signed up for a hot-desking pass and get a few offices in Central London on speed-dial.

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