Offices to Rent in London With the Colour Scheme ‘Happy’

happy colourful faces - London serviced office employees

The standard scene in many offices to rent in London today is that of shades of white or cream, simple, clean and boring. However, this may be detrimental to your employees and their work place productivity.

Plenty of exploration has been conducted in to colours and their effects on behaviour, emotions and the connections that people make with them, consciously or otherwise. Research has found that the wavelengths of colour have different effects on people when visible to them, including on their productivity.

Green and Blue – Calm and Peaceful

Colours which are generally seen on a nice long walk in the park during the spring such as green and blue would be a great choice when decorating offices to rent in London. These colours are known to have calming and peaceful effects which also help to maintain focus; that is if you can avoid daydreaming about picnics and the open air. Getting close to nature is taken in a new direction at St Dunstans Hill where the nautical themed office is inspired by nearby HMS Belfast. Their blue rooms give the impression of being aboard a luxury yacht and are very calming indeed.

St Dunstans Hill offices to rent in London

Red and Orange – Intense and Energetic

On the other end of the spectrum colours such as red and orange are known as intense and energetic colours which cause people to become more alert, so instead of downing three cups of coffee in the morning to keep sharp, maybe just try painting offices to rent in London a beautiful shade of red! This is due to the fact that, unsurprisingly with connotations of passion and danger, the colour red increases heart rate and blood flow when in people’s vision.

Office Space in Town has created a queen of hearts themed room at their Waterloo office, as you would expect it is laced in the colour red, sure to get the blood pumping. Amelia Wooley from Office Space in Town tells that all their spaces are themed according to their location and is inspired by either the history of the area or the visual surroundings. The colour is also one to evoke passion and emotion so if there is a particular part of your offices to rent in London or an item which you want people to notice, definitely colour it red!

queen-of-hearts-red-room waterloo offices to rent in London

Yellow – Optimism and Creativity

You may also want to consider the colour yellow when embarking on a make over to your offices to rent in London. No, not hospital yellow, making people feel ill and appear jaundice; I’m talking bright yellow which has been branded the colour of optimism. If you’re a creative company who love communal work space and plenty of group inspiration, like at Co-Work’s Ramilies Street, this colour is also thought to stimulate creativity, perfect for offices to rent in London which house innovative and novel ideas.

Ramilies Street offices to rent in LondonRamilies Street offices to rent in London

If all you can think about whilst reading this is how you are going to keep a colourful office clean and how much all of this is going to cost, there is an answer for that too! Stain and wear resistant paint which is designed to be easily cleaned and maintained is at your disposal.

The price of some well-developed paint could not only save you the cost of continuous repainting it could also earn you hundreds back in staff productivity! Providers of offices to rent in London, Central Working, even encourage their clients to brand and decorate the offices as their own to ensure all their clients love their working home and thrive in their offices. are specialists in London office space, providing a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. If you’re looking for bright, happy, even self-designed offices to rent in London then call us on +44 (20) 3856 8704.