Olympics to affect internet speed for UK businesses

Some firms are introducing flexible working to allow staff to work from home.

A greater use of smartphone technologies and social media platforms will put an added strain on internet connections.

Experts are concerned that UK businesses will suffer with slow internet speeds during the Olympics as tourists and spectators use the web access on their smartphones and clog up networks.

Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) member James Blessing said: “There is the potential for a massive hit on the infrastructure” adding that “the average connection speed for small and medium business is unlikely to allow every employee to stream the Olympics to their desk.”

However, he continued: “Hopefully, no one will notice a thing. We win if no one notices anything.”

Chief of the British Olympic Association Andy Hunt expects this year’s games to be played out on social networks like Twitter where spectators will post quick updates and results at the touch of a button. This issue, together with the BBC’s extra coverage, which is set to hit between five to 10 times more than its normal output, will place a lot of pressure on the UK internet network.

A Vodaphone spokesperson said: “this summer [data usage is] going to be the equivalent of England playing in the World Cup Final on Christmas Day, every day for the 17 days of the games.”

Many UK businesses are introducing measures to cope with the other problems the Olympics will pose including potential delays to the tube network. Chris Skarratt, co-founder of TV production firm Silversun, is considering allowing his staff to work from home or take up flexible working hours during the tournament. He has also spent money on a better broadband connection so clients can receive videos online instead of in hard copies that would be difficult to deliver on time.

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