Olympics Unleashes Creative London Landlords

Olympics - London 2012

Looking to rent an office in London during the Olympic Games? If so you may find a much wider variety of locations available to you than would ordinarily be the case according to recent reports.

From vacant stores to sports field and rooftops, news agency Reuters reports that landlords across the capital are cashing in on empty space – squeezing the rentable out of the otherwise dormant spaces strewn across Central London.

“You’ll see usable space created that doesn’t currently exist” explained Mark Hughes-Webb, MD of a firm that specialises in locating buildings for events and filming.

“It’s been a long time since the Games were in such a densely populated city; people are having to be more imaginative.”

With a total of 11m fans, sponsors and athletes due to begin descending on London – not to mention the global media – it is perhaps unsurprising that landlords are seeking to accommodate and benefit from the increased demand.

The report also highlights that residents are riding the lucrative wave of Olympic fever, hiring out their homes for rents six times their normal value for the duration of the games.

But finding a suitable office with good access to the Olympic epicentre of Stratford could be easier than these reports suggests, with the extensive network of dedicated business centres located throughout London ideally suited to the task – hundreds of which can be explored here at Londonoffices.com.

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