Provider Perks: Luxury Extras within Office Space for Rent in London

Wigmore Street Apartment office space for rent london

Many of the serviced office providers who work across London have their own added extras to make their office space for rent in London and them as providers stand out from the rest. There are a great number of up-to-the-minute perks available to serviced office occupants throughout London including everything from doughnuts being delivered to the office on Fridays to beer on tap. These guys certainly know how to treat their clients!

            Complimentary Drinks and Friendly Dogs

WeWork kitchens are possibly some of the best supplied of all our available office space for rent in London and they offer a range of complimentary refreshments for clients and their guests. For example, they offer an infinite stream of micro-roasted coffee from their state of the art coffee machines keeping you alert within their creative and dynamic spaces.

For those warmer days or for when you’re weaning yourself off the caffeine, they also provide complimentary fruit juices; in NYC these juices are linked to the charity Water and WeWork donate $30 a month for every fruit water dispenser across their NY offices.  The most unique thing about WeWork’s office space for rent in London is their beer taps which are installed in many of their kitchen spaces including Aldwych House, we just recommend you don’t visit these too many times in one day!

Much of WeWork’s portfolio of office space for rent in London including their Spitalfeilds and Old Street locations also allow tenants to bring their dogs in to the office with them. This unsurprisingly creates a very unique and laid back environment in which to spend your working day as well as encouraging friendly conversations from a mutual love of dogs, brilliant for networking.

Dogs allowed within We Work office space for rent in London We Work Refreshments for clients in space for rent in London

Buisness Environment Group


This is possibly our favourite perk here at Londonoffices from any of the providers (mainly because it involves food) but across BE’s office space for rent in London there is a tradition of having doughnuts delivered to the office on Fridays! We all know that Fridays are the best day of the week and that diets and healthy eating don’t matter on this special day and BE have definitely embraced the fun of Fridays; just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better!

A more unique service which BE offer their staff and clients is that of a shoe shining service available throughout their five City based centres which offer space for rent in London. Making a good first impression really counts in the world of business and we are all guilty of forgetting that meeting and wearing our old comfy and reliable shoes; a quick shine can work wonders and may end up saving the day.

Doughnuts delivered to clients in office space for rent in LondonShoe shining service for clients in office space for rent in London

I2 Office
                Towel Service

Cycling to work is more popular than ever within London at the minute and many providers are working on making their space for rent in London much friendlier to those who chose to ride in to the office. However, one particular provider has gone a cut above the rest offering a towel service. We don’t know that the idea didn’t spark from an office of sweaty cyclists who had forgotten their towels or a member of staff being caught short, realising their missing towel a little too late, but we think this perk is brilliant and a definite plus for i2, Bevis Marks clients.

Bevis Marks Exterior office space for rent in London Towels Bevis Marks for clients within office space for rent in London


               Access all Areas

A great perk of taking space for rent in London within a Regus building is that they have something called businessworld membership. There are three levels of membership for those who wish to take it, each tailored to the needs of the individual.

Businessworld gold offers members unlimited drop-in access to any of Regus’ business lounges anywhere in the world. Platinum memberships allows access to any of Regus’ co-working spaces as well as use of any business lounges across their network and finally there is platinum plus which as well as the benefits of the previous two memberships, plus means that you can walk in to any business centre and be able to access your own private office! This is a great service for clients who have business all across the world or the UK meaning that there is no need to waste money on office space which will only ever be used intermittently.

Regus Memberships for office space for rent in London

The Office Group

                           Work It Fitness Studios

TOG are one provider that believe in the ethos ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and think it is important that employees have the opportunity to be able to keep fit despite their busy work schedules. That’s where their enterprise of not only including a gym within some of their centres, but also holding a choice of fitness classes at these gyms, comes in to action.

Some classes are run by ex MMA Charlie Enstone-Watts and offer a personal approach to boxing. Other sessions include HIIT and yoga classes from ex-professional athletes and bespoke personal training can also be attained within TOG centres offering space for rent in London such as Henry Wood House and Albert House.

Healthy body is followed by a healthy mind within some of TOG’s offices also as they are another provider who embraces the furry friend within their work spaces. Adorable fluffy faces can be found brightening up clients’ days within their centres all across London.

TOG Work It within office space for rent in Londondog-behind-computer in office space for rent in London

The Boutique Workplace Company


When working on big company projects, especially for those who have to commute quite a distance, there can be a lot of wasted time in terms of productivity when travelling to and from the office. It also may be necessary for you to work longer hours meaning that you literally just go home to sleep.

It would be a whole lot easier and much less stressful if there was the option to get a restful night sleep right next to your office without having to pay hotel premiums. That’s why we love 128 Wigmore Street! Not only is this luxury office stunning in design, creating very comfortable work space for rent in London, it also has a deluxe onsite apartment with reduced rates for office tenants.

Wigmore Street Apartment space for rent in London Wigmore Street bedroom space for rent in London

Whether you’re now imagining yourself tucking in to a beautiful sugar coated doughnut or sweating off the day just gone in a fierce work out class, these offices aren’t all work and no play and our Londonoffices team will be sure to find the perfect place to suit your inner desires. are specialists in office space for rent in London, providing a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. Call us on +44 (0) 203 826 8139 to start the search to find your next luxury serviced office now.