Political parties and portable office space

The 2010 General Election is less than a month away and the major political parties are taking to the road in their motorised offices in order to rally the voters.

The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have all acquired portable tour bus offices in an attempt to travel the county and encourage potential voters to participate in the election.

The tabloid-named ‘battle buses’ are usually coaches or double-decker buses that have several compartments converted into viable office space.

Although the parties still have their normal headquarters in the capital, the buses will be in operation up until the General Election.

The Conservatives are usually crammed into offices in Milbank Tower, in Westminster, but with the election approaching David Cameron has been on the road in his portable ‘battle bus’ and has recently been visiting London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bolton and Wales.

The success of the tour and the campaign strategy of the party leads some Conservatives to believe they are on the verge of their first victory in 18 years.

Labour, who are the current underdogs, have also been on a ‘battle bus’ campaign.  However the party, who normally operate at their Victoria Street headquarters, are currently behind in the polls and short of party funds.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats, who usually operate from their headquarters in Cowley Street, have a giant bus with ample office space in the rear. They have been touring the country and raising the public profile of Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader.