Tips on Preparing your Workload for Stress Free Annual Leave

Annual leave is often a much needed and much deserved break from the demanding and fast paced world that we live in. No matter how much you love your job or how well you perform, a good break can improve productivity by providing an opportunity to unwind and distract the mind for a few days or weeks.

However, there is always the dreaded post-leave workload lingering over our heads that often causes our holiday to be more stressful than being in the office. The fear of falling behind at work even causes many to neglect their annual leave altogether or simply take a day at a time.

So, in order for you to finally get out of the office for a decent break and to actually enjoy your holiday, Londonoffices has a bit of advice on how to manage your pre-holiday workload.

  1. Organise Help From a Colleague

Talk to your manager and the team and organise who would be the best person to cover some of your workload whilst you’re away. Of course you don’t want to overload your colleagues but sharing out your schedule fairly to those who understand the tasks well enough will really help both you and the business in the long run. Furthermore, it is highly important that you leave the covering team member accurate, clear instructions with a full debriefing before you leave.

annual leave help from a colleague

  1. Complete Half Finished Tasks

Handing over half-finished tasks to a colleague is not only going to confuse them but it is also likely to mean they take longer than necessary to complete the job, giving them less time to work on other priorities. Completing half-finished tasks and clearing out your inbox will also put you on a more even footing when you return and give you a clearer head whilst you’re away.

annual leave complete half finished tasks

  1. Prioritise

Move the most important and immediate tasks to the top of your to do list and tackle these first. By prioritising you can feel your stress levels lowering as you tick each essential task off the list. This will also help you to understand what needs to be done and help you to organise your time more wisely.

London offices To Do List

  1. Don’t Forget your Out of Office

Setting an out of office is a major must. It tells everyone how long you will be off, whether you will be replying to any e-mails (if possible, don’t even look at your e-mails while on holiday) and who to contact whilst you’re away. Forgetting to set your out of hours may make you appear rude and will result in a hundred un-necessary follow up e-mails awaiting your return.

annual leave out of office e-mail

  1. Leave a List of Important Passwords

The last thing you need is for colleagues to be unable to complete the tasks you left due to password restrictions. Ensure that all passwords for files, webpages and e-mail servers are in the hands of the relevant person before you jet off to the sun. Your relaxation time needs no interruptions!

Annual leave password log

  1. Back-up Files or make a Hard Copy

As somebody else is likely to be using your computer, your desk space or your materials, it is important that electronic files are backed-up and wipeable notes become permanent. Although your colleagues would never intentionally delete or lose something of importance to you, in these circumstances it is a real possibility that such accidents may occur. Remember to lock away important documents or papers and write anything on whiteboards or thinking walls into your notebook.

annual leave white board

  1. Clean your Desk

Finally, clear your desk and help clear your head. Of course, your colleagues do not want to sit next to a rotting banana that’s locked away in your pedestal or have to clear away your breakfast from the day before whilst you’re on holiday. However, this one also has benefits for the mind. Clearing out your desk and ensuring that your workspace is left tidy and presentable for your return will allow you to feel more organised and prepared to take on the day when you’re back.

annual leave desk tidy

Preparation is always key and organisation will help you feel more in control and able to relax. Follow these simple steps and go on holiday happy. Enjoy your break and come back refreshed and ready to rock.