Government Urges Remote Working Over London Offices During Olympics

Inside the Olympic stadium London offices

The government is encouraging businesses in London offices to employ remote working techniques during the Olympic Games. The announcement comes as the government tests its plans to ease congestion during the games this week.

In an attempt to avoid bringing London to a complete standstill during the 2012 Olympics, the government is urging businesses based in London offices to seriously consider employing remote working techniques this summer.

The plea comes as thousands of civil service city workers swapped the office for home working this week as the government tested its plans to avoid city congestion. In addition to remote working, businesses are also being encouraged to vary their working routines to limit the risk of overcrowding on the city’s already strained transport system.

“The government wants to deliver a great 2012 Olympic Games and keep London and the UK moving at the same time, that’s why we are currently encouraging businesses and commuters to plan ahead and consider their travel options,” commented a spokesperson for the Department for Transport.

“This is about encouraging staff to reduce the impact of their travel by either walking or cycling, changing their route of travel to and from work, re-timing their working day to avoid the busiest periods or working from home.”

The trial comes in the same week that businesses throughout London offices were warned that their internet access could be affected during the games in July and August. The government fear that increased demand for bandwidth and an increased number of internet users could lead to many London offices losing their internet connections.

In the Cabinet Office’s official advice, Preparing your Business for the Games, the government warns that companies might be forced to ration access if the UK internet infrastructure is unable to cope with a surge in users.

Flexible working and remote working are again being offered as solutions to the problem.