What Can You Expect from the Exhilarating Crystal Maze Experience?

The Crystal Maze Experience

Last week the Londonoffices team were lucky enough to be invited by Office Space in Town (OSIT) both of who deliver a service to clients that are looking to rent an office in London, to travel back in time around 20 years and take part in the “ultimate team challenge experience” of The Crystal Maze! Right from the off there was excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement from the whole team at the maze who got everyone immediately inflated.


The Debrief

We were debriefed with a few rules and a warning that getting lost in the maze was a real possibility; keeping up the pace as the team ran from game to game is highly recommended! Phones are also forbidden within maze to protect its magical mystery and strictly no photography is allowed within the gaming areas. Then the transformation back in time began. Sitting within a sandy room complete with a bulky 90s TV, a practically colourless video of the original show was played for those of us unfortunate enough to have never seen an episode.

rent an office in london The Crystal Maze

The Game in Summary

Each team is then met with their maze master, ours, Leo, was fantastically entertaining throughout the whole experience and the challenges would not have been half as fun without him. A little tip, your maze master will provide you with many subtle hints so listening to them will honestly be to your advantage.

Donning our bright orange bomber jackets we were led through the four themed areas of the maze; medieval, Aztec, industrial and futuristic via steep stairs, tunnels, tubes and plenty of sand, with drastic changes in temperature to complete the authenticity.

Having assigned out team with a captain, and a vice captain in case the first was imprisoned, they selected which game would be played and who would be to play. Choosing from physical, mental, skill and mystery challenges we battled poisonous grass, murders, lasers, and engaged in physical challenges which required the skills of both Spiderman and a hamster. Another tip for you here would be to brush up on your maths skills.

Don’t Get Caught Out

The overall goal of these games is to gather crystals which will then convert into time for the final game, the Crystal Dome. Each crystal, as within the original show is worth 5 seconds within the dome. However, the excitement of completing the game in the allotted time frame is sometimes a little distracting and it is easier than it seems to actually forget to collect your crystal at the end. As obvious as it may sound, this is the whole reason you are playing so do not forget to pick up the crystal before you leave the room!

Another factor of the game is the threat of getting locked in to a room if you run out of time. Each team member will play their individual game but will need to ‘tap out’ to avoid a lock in if you are pushed for time. If a player does not tap out they will be imprisoned and if they cannot solve the prison puzzle to release themselves, the team will have to sacrifice a crystal and they are too precious to be sacrificed.

rent an office in london the crystal

The Crystal Dome

The final game is what matters the most and this is pretty much pandemonium. Teams are locked inside the dome and then in true Crystal Maze fashion the fans are started up and thousands of gold paper flakes will fly up in the air. The aim is to gather as many flakes as possible and deposit them within the letter box but, only the flakes in the air can be gathered, picking them up from the floor will lead to disqualification, trust us we know! It is a lot of fun but with flakes hitting you in the face and team mates scrabbling around frantically there is a real risk of getting a finger to the eye!

Office Space in Town – Rent an Office in London

Office Space in Town’s business centres are just as creative and exciting as their work events. With each having its own theme based on the culture or history of the area which they’re in. There’s really no need to look anywhere else if you wish to rent an office in London which is alternative and imaginative.

Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, Monopoly and a luxury yacht are just some of the delights you can expect to be greeted with when visiting an OSIT office. Each and every space is fitted out to the highest standard and incorporates style and fun with perfect balance. It’s a sure bet that you will not have seen office space like these before during your experiences trying to rent an office in London.

Design and comfort are at the forefront of these offices and luxury extras including bars and roof terraces are typical features of these exceptional work spaces. If you are looking for a creative, impressive, high quality space in which to rent an office in London, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen an OSIT office.

rent an office in london monopoly roomrent an office in london tea party room

The Crytsal Maze Experience is 100% recommended to everyone and anyone. You do not need to have watched even one episode of the Crystal Maze to join in the fun and you do not have to be at the peak of fitness either. The staff were an especially memorable part of the experience remaining energetic and engaging all the way through and it was no surprise to learn that there is a very long waiting list for this experience although, it is certainly worth the wait.

Thank you Office Space in Town!

If you’ve taken part in the crystal maze, we’d love to hear of your thoughts below.

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