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Rent office space in London on borough high street

Increases in rent, the increased demand for office space and the ever growing market all makes competition for young start-ups higher than ever. This is why it is reassuring to know that there are still some good guys out there striving to make it possible for new companies to rent office space in London hassle free.

Rent Office Space in London for Free

The Office Group (TOG) however have gone one step further not only making it easier to rent office space in London but they are scrapping the rent all together for 100 start-ups for one whole year!

The venture is simple. As long as your company is a start-up, comprised of no more than four people and at least one person is aged 18-24, you can apply. Who doesn’t want their own office space in London without having to rent office space in London? Simply submit your business idea to the TOG guys and they will choose their favourite 100 concepts presented to them over the next three years.

The Office Group as a Provider

The Office Group provide clients with the option to rent office space in London under flexible, open and simple terms. The no-hassle concept of serviced offices is ideal for young companies who already face so many challenges and have so much to organise and consider. The general atmosphere within TOG offices is that of collaboration, community and productivity where the perfect work/life balance is achieved.

Despite the general atmosphere being similar throughout TOG offices, each space has its own unique interior design. If you’re looking to rent office space in London which focuses on design, comfort and luxury, TOG tick those boxes.


Colour schemes throughout are commonly light and fresh with plenty of pastel colouring and copious amounts of natural light. Every building is very contemporary and homely with modern, comfortable furniture throughout. Generally, seating is upholstered providing extra comfort and warmth, avoiding the cold, uninviting feel leather or wood can provide.

As well as being beautifully designed with an amazing atmosphere and offering clients rent free work spaces, TOG also look after the environment and all their serviced offices are highly sustainable. Water tanks, green walls, solar panels, censored lighting, recycling stations and much more is discretely included within these offices. TOG really are a forward thinking and entrepreneurial company to win or rent office space in London from.

Why Choose Co-working?

The culture of co-working is rapidly growing. More and more businesses and providers are discovering its amazing benefits and the opportunities it can provide, particularly for start-ups.

Many serviced offices will schedule weekly events designed to give companies within differing sectors a head start in their businesses. By introducing companies to experts in the field or by simply providing an opportunity for conversation with like-minded people within the same offices, endless opportunities and ideas can be born.

The community within co-working spaces is however, always thriving day to day without the aid of scheduled events. Communal kitchens in any type of office are usually vital social spaces. This area is where people casually discuss new business plans and ideas without even realising they are doing so. Kitchens within co-working spaces generally engage in initiatives such as a ‘happy hours’ to encourage this kind of behaviour further.

Rent office space in London's Wimpole Street, Kitchen

Some providers will even take this further providing their clients who rent office space in London with complimentary beer, cider, mocktails, fruit juice and water throughout the day. Centre staff are also always around encouraging engagement and conversation between clients while maintaining the smooth running of your business.

Where clients agree to rent office space in London at co-working centres, contracts are always highly flexible which presents another benefit of this type of space. If a business grows rapidly, there is the option to move in to a larger office. If a business takes on new staff and needs a private office, this can be quickly arranged. Providing that any centre under the same provider has space, a company can usually move around as they wish.

Enter Your Business Now!

Overall, TOG, co-working spaces and the option to rent office space in London for free are all big winners. This new competition may provide your start-up with that once in a life-time opportunity to get you off the ground!

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain by entering this phenomenal competition with TOG. are specialists in London office space. We Provide a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. If you are interesting in working with us call a consultant on +44 (0) 203 826 8139.