Time For Bosses who Rent Space in London to Tackle the Commute?

London-Underground commute to rent space in London

Ah, the great commute. The daily obstacle course most of us endure to get to and from the office. Yet recent research by recruitment specialists Monster.co.uk has revealed that almost half of  workers would turn down their dream job if their company were to rent space in London over thirty minutes away from their home.

Considering that’s roughly in line with the average commute for London-based workers, who spend fifty-six minutes each day travelling to and from work, it raises some interesting issues when it comes to hiring and keeping great staff.

We explore some of the ways companies that rent space in London can help employees tackle the challenges of commuting.

Offer flexible working

Flexible working has already gone some way to addressing the commuting issue, allowing workers to work remotely for so many days each week. As the facilities for flexible working become ever better and more widely available, this is likely to be the most practical option for businesses looking to recruit the best employees.

Working from home rent space in London

It’s also a great way to adapt each employee’s schedule to their individual needs, beyond simply avoiding the commuter crush.

Pay employees to live nearer the office

There’s no getting round it, whether you rent space in London or buy, residential property in the capital is expensive and for many office workers, living away from the centre is the only way they can afford it. While many companies will offer a subsidy for employees relocating to the capital, it’s less common to offer a subsidy for employees to live nearer the office.

Over in the USA, this practice has long been in place within the tech companies of Silicon Valley – where companies like instant messaging specialists IMO offer employees up to $500 a month towards housing costs if they live within five miles of the office. They believe that workers with a shorter commute are happier – and therefore more motivated and more focused. But should employees who rent space in London’s Silicon Roundabout follow suit?

Rent Space in London for money

Ensure cycle parking when you rent space in London

London already has the second highest proportion of cyclist commuters in the UK. But according to estimates, there are many more workers who would cycle to the office if only they could. One of the biggest drawbacks is lack of secure cycle parking, with key commercial districts such as the City experiencing a particular shortage of spaces.

Granted, substantial onsite cycle parking can be difficult to find, with many high-rise office blocks simply not built to accommodate the number of spaces needed – but if it makes it easier for you to fill that position with the right candidate, then it could be money well spent. And think of the additional benefits of having a healthier, more fitness-focused workforce.

Bike Racks in City Tower rent space in London

It might not be a choice for much longer…

As the daily commute gets ever trickier, even the most determined workers will find it a challenge to get to the office. After all, the transport infrastructure in some parts of the city is already struggling to keep up with the ever increasing numbers of workers.

Take the example of Bank: it’s the most hated station on the underground system, already hectically busy and expected to reach maximum capacity by 2016 – when peak time crowd controls are likely to be enforced. What then?

As London gets busier, bosses who rent space in London will have to do something to help workers tackle the hassle of commuting – or face an ever narrowing selection pool when it comes to recruiting the right staff.

What do you think? Should bosses do more to help workers tackle the commute?