Serviced Office Providers in London Supporting Local Artists

Serviced office providers in London art collage

In the modern day, office space is more than just a place to get your head down and to carry out the boring tasks of your day-to-day job. Contemporary office design aims to inspire, to engage and to help businesses grow and transform through the passion of its employees. Therefore, serviced office providers in London now consider interiors within the modern office to be just as important as the office itself.

Many creative workspaces will draw upon their surroundings in order to create a unique interior for their business centres. Some serviced office providers in London even take the opportunity to give back to the community displaying local artists’ talent throughout their centres.

Here we explore a number of serviced office providers in London and the artists who contribute to their exceptional, distinctive interior design.

The Office Group

The Office Group are serviced office providers in London that have created the perfect balance between corporate and relaxed office space. Their interiors are stylish and sophisticated with contemporary furnishings in a less-is-more sort of fashion.

Their art displays began in their Black and White Building on Rivington Street and since then, the serviced office providers in London have displayed over 500 artists from throughout London within their centres.

Serviced office providers in London art Black and White building

Today the Black and White building still regularly hosts art exhibitions with their ‘First Thursday Showcases’ being very popular events. Shows from throughout the year so far have included; an all women show to highlight the often forgotten works of women within the industry; London’s art scene from graffiti to fine art and a show of the magical artists of Haiti.

Kreativ House

Kreativ House are new serviced office providers in London. Their interiors are mesmerising and they are strong supporters of the local community. Their London centre is in the arts, culture and technology orientated area of Hackney where clients benefit from tasteful, refreshing interiors.

The latest exhibition at Kreativ House comes from the Dover Street Market artist ROLLVNDO. Born Julia Fraile-Rollando, ROLLVNDO is a mixed media artist based in the capital. Working with Kreativ House, the serviced office providers in London have helped to create ROLLVNDO’s first solo exhibition, Diamond Sea.

POSTER ROLLVNDO KREATIV HOUSE serviced office providers in LondonServiced office providers in London art ROLLVNDO solo

ROLLVNDO’s art is in the style of images and media ripped from magazines, books and more with mirrored surfaces embedded into the collage. Diamond Sea is an exploration of the self, inspired by the Sonic Youth song The Diamond Sea. ROLLVNDO encourages spectators to look into the art and discover something within the fleeting view of their own reflection.

BE Offices

On a slightly different note, serviced office providers in London, BE Offices have recently received a Banksy art display on the walls just outside their Barbican business centre close to the Barbican Exhibition Halls.

The Banksy graffiti paid homage to the late New York based artist Jean-Michel Basquiat following the announcement that the Barbican was to exhibit his works in its Basquiat: Boom for Real exhibition.

Serviced office providers in London BE Barbicab Banksy

Banksy appears to mock the rationale behind the exhibition through his own interpretation of Basquiat’s artwork and the tagline on his Instagram post that shares this work. The caption read “Major new Basquiat show opens at the Barbican — a place that is normally very keen to clean any graffiti from its walls.

Whatever the messages behind the Banksy artwork, it certainly adds some culture and interest for those visiting the serviced office providers in London, BE.


Mindspace are another great example of modern serviced office providers in London who are art and design orientated. Being popular in Germany and across Europe, Mindspace have recently brought their creative co-working space to London and it is impressive.

Working with local artists and designers to reflect the centre’s urban surrounds, these serviced office providers have tuned in to their environment creating typical London scenery throughout the offices that includes a tube carriage in reception to welcome guests in to the building.

The serviced office providers in London pride themselves on the idea that their spaces are locations not only for companies but also for local artists to present their art.

Serviced office providers in London Mindspace Shoreditch

To find an office of your own that holds art and design within its heart and where inspiration is boundless, contact a Londonoffices consultant on +44 (0) 207 166 7981.