Employees of Serviced Offices in London Seek Healthy Work Lifestyle

Gyms in managed offices london

With more focus than ever before going in to the working environment within serviced offices in London it is clear that employers are growing increasingly aware that a healthy business setting is the key to productivity.

Employees are also playing their part in ensuring they lead healthy lifestyles, taking better care of themselves due to new trends in modern society. With this recent demand from workers to keep fit and healthy, Londonoffices takes a look at some of the best opportunities across our great city.

Many serviced offices in London have long had basic gyms installed within them and many sat day after day gathering dust, unused. This has all changed in recent years with office providers realising modern and well equipped gyms are highly beneficial to employees and in turn their business’ success, prompting them to throw out the rusty dumbbells and install modern exercise equipment suitable for all to use.

serviced offices in London TOG Work Out

The Office Group – Henry Wood House – Riding House Street
Albert House – Old Street

The Office Group (TOG) have a magnificent service within their newest serviced offices in London. Henry Wood House, situated on Riding House Street and Albert House on Old Street both have boutique fitness studios fitted within them to meet the requirements of the modern day office worker.

The gyms are run by ex-MMA fighter Charlie Enstone and other ex-professional athletes offer unique and personalised classes including, HIIT and yoga with one-on-one training available for a really specialised experience. TOG members receive a 15% discount on gym services but the facilities are available for anyone who wishes to join in whether it may be for a drop in session or a month’s pass.

serviced offices in London BXR London

BXR London – Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5QX

It’s not only employers within serviced offices in London that have noticed the increased demand from workers to stay healthy, but many professional gyms and professional trainers are positioning themselves to conveniently suit the office worker.

BXR London for example, is Marylebone’s new boutique boxing style gym which opened in January this year. The gym prides itself on offering an exceptional standard of training, equal to that expected from professional athletes, incorporating combat disciplines with strength and conditioning as well as circuit training.

With partners such as Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua and clients including Kirsty Gallacher‏, Mark Ronson and Eddie Hearn to name a few, it certainly seems that BXR is more than just talk. They have some of the best equipment and trainers available within the whole of the UK combined with a buzzing atmosphere which encourages people to test and challenge themselves.

https://www.facebook.com/bxrlondon/              https://www.instagram.com/bxrlondon/

The location of the gym in Marylebone makes it within easy walking distance to a number of serviced offices in London including the WorkPad Group’s Dorset Street and Baker Street offices which are both only a two minute walk away. i2 Office’s Cavendish Square centre is also close by being only 15 minutes on foot.

Velocity Gym

Velocity Training Club Gym

Highly dedicated professional trainers work in gyms just like BXR across London and beyond with many now prepared to travel to a destination which suits you. In order to keep up with the demand for personalised training sessions which modern workers of serviced offices in London have created, personal trainers have adapted via becoming mobile.

Many business professionals including London Offices CEO Chris Meredith receive personal training sessions and nutritional advice from specialists. Jonny Reynolds, personal trainer to professional sportsmen such as Liverpool and England footballer Jordon Henderson, UFC fighter Leon Edwards and middleweight boxer Brain Rose trains Chris.

Based at Birmingham’s No.1 training facility Velocity Training Club, Jonny travels across the country including to our capital to give dedicated fitness sessions to his clients, including those who Londonoffices place in serviced offices in London.

Chris is now in his 4th year of training with Jonny and during this time has lost over 53lb in weight, he comments on his experience saying, “Jonny gives me the same level of attention and care that he does to his pro athletes, he understands that I am dealing with different challenges to a professional athlete such as working in a stressful full time job, he works around this and will often travel to ensure I can still get my training in. For me and the results that you see from all of Jonny’s clients there isn’t anyone better”. From one-on-one personal training to some of the best group training session in the world Velocity and Jonny Reynolds offer it all.

https://www.facebook.com/jonathonreynoldspt?hc     https://twitter.com/jonny_velocity


Some of Jonny’s clients based within serviced offices in London include those in Business Environment Group’s Cheapside location, Co-Work’s Cannon Street centre and  The Boutique Workplace Company’s Grays Inn Road office.

serviced offices in London 20 Fenchurch Street serviced offices in London 20 Fenchurch Street Exterior

20 Fenchurch Street – Sky Garden and Exterior

Serviced offices in London are even making use of their event space or garden areas to ensure that they meet their employee’s fitness needs. In recent years Yoga classes within many buildings offering serviced offices in London have become extremely popular.

Classes at 20 Fenchurch Street (the walkie-talkie) are held in the one-of-a-kind sky garden and begin at 6:30am, meaning you stretch and twist 40 floors above London as the sun rises with an immense view of the city, a truly invigorating start to the day and open for everyone.

Serviced offices in London which surround the walkie-talkie include i2 Office’s Fenchurch Street which is a 4 minute walk away and Beaumont Business Centres also have an office two minutes from here on Lime Street. Prospect Business Centres’ office on Leadenhall Street can also be reached within a five minute walk from this location and Office Space in Town’s St. Dunstans Hill building is only a two minute walk from the skyscraper. If your offices are located within the St. Dunstans Hill building, it is also a brilliant place to head post yoga to enjoy a healthy bite or quick drink in the fantastic roof top café.

serviced offices in London 1Rebel Gym

1Rebel Gym

1Rebel is another gym which offer dedicated fitness regimes to those working in serviced offices in London and commuters alike. They have two gyms located at Broadgate Circle and St Mary Axe. Their gyms along with their fitness classes are very unique and provide high energy, full body workouts in either their dark and dangerous underground setting or their beautiful and invigorating venue.

Providing diverse classes such as ‘Ride’, featuring amazing pyrotechnics and themed sessions, ‘Reshape’, designed to condition certain muscle groups and ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’, HIIT sessions with plenty of speed footwork and strengthening techniques, they incorporate fun and entertainment in to their classes. They even offer 30 minute sessions making fitting a work-out in to your lunch break easy.

https://twitter.com/1Rebel_UK                               https://www.facebook.com/1RebelUK/


Serviced offices in London nearby to the Broadgate Circle gym include, Regus’ Broadgate Circle and New Broad Street centres which are a three minute walk away, Office Space in Town’s New Broad Street is which is only a four minute walk from the centre and Target Space’s New Broad Street office which is also only four minutes away on foot.

Serviced offices in London close to the St Mary Axe site include, The Space’s Dukes Place centre which is only three minutes away, i2Office’s Bevis Marks which is a few seconds away and Regus’ St Mary Axe along with Landmark’s Heron Tower space which are both only two minutes away on foot.

In the modern era there are more and more demands up on us surrounding our work responsibilities and as well as the pressures upon us in daily life. However, many people are now aware that keeping fit and exercising regularly is an important part of their daily routine aiding in coping with stress and achieving more of those work demands.

Exercising keeps the mind alert and sharp as well as the body physically prepared to take on more throughout the day. No matter who you are, exercising is something that everybody can get involved in, in some form or another and these services allow you to do just that.

Let us know how you manage to fit your work out around your business day in the comments below and check out these other fitness related articles;