Shard Office Space Makes Way for Employment Project

Shard Office Space Makes Way for Employment Project

Office space in The Shard once earmarked for Southwark Council has been given up – in favour of the skyscrapers developers
committing to a local employment project at helping unemployed residents in the local area.

Valued at 500k, the employment project will run over 3 years and aims to deliver 6 months employment to 300 residents. The deal
also stipulates that a third of these jobs must be located in The Shard or the nearby London Bridge Place Development.

“To simply provide space doesn’t do anything towards delivering the outcome that the council and we as a developer share.” explained Hamish McKenzie of Sellar Property Group.

“We have set out on this project trying to deliver something that is not just bricks and mortar – or glass in the case of
the Shard – but that will really, tangibly affect the lives of people in Southwark.

“One of those aims is to make sure that we offer people who live in Southwark the opportunity of working within this new

Once completed the shard will provide over 500,000 sq. ft. of office space to rent spread over 26 storeys.

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