Space for freelance workers to co-work at THECUBE

A new trend is emerging, which is helping freelancers and small businesses work together in business centres and working spaces.

THECUBE, London is helping push this emerging trend and make it the standard way of working for freelance and home-working professionals, where instead of being stuck alone at home or in the office, freelancers can share space, ideas and work closer together with each other.

The new ‘co-working’ trend enables more social interaction with other professionals in a shared working environment, they become “interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space,” according to THECUBE.

The phrase ‘co-working’ was first used in 1999, by Bernie DeKoven, and then later described as ‘physical space’ by Brad Neuberg in 2005. He later started The Hat Factory, a co-working space in San Fransisco.

Now, five years on, this co-operation and use of space to bring freelance professionals together is becoming more popular. Hot-desking is a popular alternative to staying at home and allows professionals to avoid the usual distractions.

THECUBE, situated in Commercial Street, East London is taking this approach a step further. Rather than just offering hot-desking space, they offer a range of benefits and perks for its members Beyond that it’s the ideal setting for freelancers to work more socially and bounce ideas off each other, making work more fun and productive.

“The brilliance of co-working is that it means you do not have to start your business from ground zero. Entrepreneurs can begin their journey with a ready formed contact list and community, business resources on tap, plus instant colleagues to bounce ideas off. With most offering much more economical payment structures than regular office, it’s an easy win/win situation,” says THECUBE founder Araceli Camargo-Kilpatrick.

Spaces like THECUBE  are becoming a popular alternative to traditional office space solutions, especially in London where prime office space is in high demand and can be expensive for freelancers and small businesses. It is an ideal solution for those wanting to meet other professionals in the same field and helps maintain a more social working environment for those working alone, helping freelancers work better and more productively.