Love Lunch? Amazing Street Food Surrounding Office Buildings in London

Street Food close to office buildings in London

Sometimes after a hard morning slaving away inside one of the many office buildings in London, your lunch hour can be the most precious hour of the day. We at Londonoffices want to ensure you make the most of your break and avoid the temptation of having yet another bland sandwich.

London is probably the best place in the country to sample some of the world’s greatest foods and in the best fashion, out of a street food van! Furthermore, street food markets in the capital aren’t hard to come by. There is more than likely one within easy access of your office buildings in London.

  1. Street food, contrary to common belief isn’t all unhealthy and doesn’t all come in ginormous portions. Allihopa is a unique but wonderfully tasty take on street food. Serving delicious selections of home-smoked fish upon a choice of rye bread or crusty sourdough, it will also fuel you in the right way once you return to that office building in London. The portions may be small but the ingredients are full of the good stuff!

street food market near office buildings in London

  1. There is so much to love about Mother Clucker – one of those things being its fabulous name. Another is the fact that they serve their mouth-watering chicken out of a converted US Army ambulance. And of course, the main thing to love is their exceptional food. Your lunch will be the envy of everyone within office buildings in London after visiting Mother Clucker. The chicken is accompanied by mouth-watering Cajun fries and is served soaked in buttermilk, tea brined and twice battered. It’s enough to make you hungry just thinking about it.
  1. Images of giant stuffed burritos with lashings of scrumptious guacamole and sour cream immediately spring to mind when those joyous words ‘street food’ are uttered across countless office buildings in London. Well at Londonoffices this certain gets lips smacking! We could not do a street food post without mentioning some good old Mexican food. Luardos pack their heart-warming burritos with amazing flavour and the taste is something else! Often the classics are simply the best.

Camden street food near office buildings in London

  1. Using only the best of British from their succulent pork to their MSC certified fish, Yum Bun is a street food lover’s steamy heaven. Handmade and steamed to perfection, their buns and scrumptious dumplings are incomparable. Also, if you’re looking for a vegetarian dish you will not be disappointed; mushroom, aubergine and tofu options offer just as luscious alternatives to the meat.
  1. One of the many great things about street food is that it gives you the opportunity to try something new, often from a part of the world you may not have visited and it sits conveniently outside many office buildings in London. House of Dodo brings Mauritian flavours across the globe to our very own capital. Presenting you with an array of colourful foods to wake up that metabolism, the fluffy rice, fiery sauces and stews bursting with flavour will have you coming back for more.

With the flavours of the world and much more than just your local bakery to inspire the mind all sitting just outside your office buildings in London, you would be crazy not to search out your closest market.

Below are all the locations in which you can find the scrumptious foods mentioned above.

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Have sampled any of the dishes featured? Or do you have your own favourite street food suggestion? If so we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

AllihopaKerb King’s Cross & Southbank Centre Market

Mother Clucker – Kerb Camden Market, The Hoxton Seven & Elys Yard

Luardos – Kerb Camden, Kerb King’s Cross & Whitecross Street Market

Yum Bun – Giant Robot & Dinerama by Street Feast

House of Dodo – Kerb King’s Cross