Suu Kyi Opens Labour London Offices

Who would you like to officially open your new offices?

Labour take the prize for best attendee as the party gathered to see pro-democracy Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, open their new London headquarters today.

“In the end it is people who are most important, not buildings,” Suu Kyi said in a speech to those assembled. “Although this is a beautiful building and I would not mind taking it back to Burma with me.”

Unveiling the plaque on the front of Labour’s brand new office building will be one of Suu Kyi’s last public appearances in the UK before she leaves for France.

Leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, said: “As the main party of opposition in Britain, hoping to be the government, I can think of no better person than the most famous leader of the opposition in the world, if I may say so – and the most distinguished, and the most courageous and the most brave – to open our offices.”

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