London Structures Causing Controversy: Novel Architecture or Selfish and Unnecessary?

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From gigantic glowing orbs to glass pools and pop-up artificial mounds, there has been quite…

A Unique Look to the Future: Potential London Skyline in 10 Years’ Time

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Central London office vacancies overview

Earlier this month Londonoffices created an info-graphic that showcased what the London skyline could have…

‘Hideous’ London Office Design – When Critics Get It Wrong

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Victoria Circle Victoria London office design

When BD awarded their infamous carbuncle cup to the Nova Building’s London office design last month,…

London through our Lens: A Focus on Architecture

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London through our Lens Architecture Feature Image

Our consultants regularly visit the office buildings on our portfolio. Looking in to new fit…

The Contemporary, Classic and Creative Office for Rent in London

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London scene office space to rent london

From the beauty of London’s history including stunning Georgian and Victorian structures, to the eye-watering…