Drone Travel Experts Acquire London Office Rooftops to use as Vertiports

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Drone Feature Vertiports

When you think of ‘the future’ you think of hover crafts, things flying through the…

Tube Fare Time Machine Helps Londoners Cost Their Commute to 2050

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  Travel by Tube? How much will your commute cost by 2020? How about by…

Working in Offices in Central London: 3 Ways to Avoid the Tube

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  London is no stranger to a tube strike but what, if anything, have we learned…

New Office Space for Rent in London Part of Futuristic City Creations

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futuristic image for office space for rent in london

We’ve already got The Shard. Later this year, we’ll see the completed Cheesegrater and the…

7 Ways to Create a Beneficial Commute to Central London Offices

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Creating a Benficial Commute to Central London Offices man on laptop

Recently, we suggested how bosses should do more to help workers in Central London offices tackle…

Time For Bosses who Rent Space in London to Tackle the Commute?

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London-Underground commute to rent space in London

Ah, the great commute. The daily obstacle course most of us endure to get to…

Serviced Offices in London Pressured by Huge Pre-lets of Cycle Parking

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Cycle-Parking-Sign for serviced offices in London

It boasts 37 storeys, a sky garden and the latest Grade A serviced offices in…

50%+ Employees Will Source Flexible Office Space in London in Future

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flexible office space in London - home office

New report suggests in-office working may become a thing of the past as demand for…

Government Urges Remote Working Over London Offices During Olympics

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Inside the Olympic stadium London offices

The government is encouraging businesses in London offices to employ remote working techniques during the…

Cycle to Central London Serviced Offices and Improve your Commute

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Biking to Central London serviced offices

The benefits of cycling into Central London serviced offices.   A few advantages of choosing…