Love Lunch? Amazing Street Food Surrounding Office Buildings in London

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Street Food close to office buildings in London

Sometimes after a hard morning slaving away inside one of the many office buildings in…

Tube Fare Time Machine Helps Londoners Cost Their Commute to 2050

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  Travel by Tube? How much will your commute cost by 2020? How about by…

Working in Offices in Central London: 3 Ways to Avoid the Tube

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  London is no stranger to a tube strike but what, if anything, have we learned…

86% of London Businesses Committed to Their Offices to Rent in London

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City-of-London-offices to rent in London Overview

The vast majority of London businesses believe they’ve got the best business location in the…

Living or Working in London? 7 London Laws Amazingly Still in Force

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Central-London sign for those working in London

Many people often complain that living or working in London is like a completely different world…

7 Ways to Create a Beneficial Commute to Central London Offices

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Creating a Benficial Commute to Central London Offices man on laptop

Recently, we suggested how bosses should do more to help workers in Central London offices tackle…

Time For Bosses who Rent Space in London to Tackle the Commute?

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London-Underground commute to rent space in London

Ah, the great commute. The daily obstacle course most of us endure to get to…

Serviced Offices in London Pressured by Huge Pre-lets of Cycle Parking

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Cycle-Parking-Sign for serviced offices in London

It boasts 37 storeys, a sky garden and the latest Grade A serviced offices in…

London Office Buildings Could Go Green with £20,000 Competition

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Green roof garden on London office buildings

London Mayor Boris Johnson is challenging the city’s green-thinking students to come up with radical…

Olympics Leads to Flexible Office Space Options as UK Internet Slows

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A greater use of smartphone technologies and social media platforms will put an added strain…