London Structures Causing Controversy: Novel Architecture or Selfish and Unnecessary?

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From gigantic glowing orbs to glass pools and pop-up artificial mounds, there has been quite…

Introducing our Latest Workspace Partnership, London’s Barbon Buildings

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The elegant Barbon Buildings can be found nestled within the beauty of London’s Red Lion…

Drone Travel Experts Acquire London Office Rooftops to use as Vertiports

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Drone Feature Vertiports

When you think of ‘the future’ you think of hover crafts, things flying through the…

Mood Boosting Summer Songs for Upbeat Office Feels

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In a previous Londonoffices article we have delved into the music world to discover the…

Holidays at Home just got Interesting – Luxury Retreats near London

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Holiday at home cottage retreats near London

With the absolutely amazing weather we’ve had across the country over the last couple of…

London’s Top Five Hottest Fitness Festivals and Events this Summer

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Fitness Festivals Yoga

With a recent article stating that Millennials would rather attend fitness festivals in London than a…

BBC to TOG – The Office Group Give Brock House Modern New Look

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Brock House, The Office Group Purchase

The Office Group (TOG), pioneers of the shared workspace in Britain, have agreed a 20-year…

London’s Top Five Beer Gardens, Tipple Terraces and Cocktail Courtyards

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Outdoor Drinking in London Feature

Knowing how elusive the sunshine can be in our little country and with the recent…

Treat your Pooch this Easter Weekend: Dog Friendly Locations in London

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Loius dog in London

As we all know, and are probably counting down to, the long Easter weekend is…

Water Fountains and Bottle Refill Introduced to London by Summer18’

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Bottle Refill Stations and Water Fountains

Theresa May recently announced plans to reduce the amount of waste plastic produced across Britain….