How to Create a Modern Reception with Brand Personality

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office space in London West End TOG reception

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression….

Do the Best London Offices Simply use Cheap, Healthy Biophilic Design?

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best London offices Kreativ House

Within recent years, employers have become increasingly aware that employee well being has a direct…

‘Hideous’ London Office Design – When Critics Get It Wrong

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Victoria Circle Victoria London office design

When BD awarded their infamous carbuncle cup to the Nova Building’s London office design last month,…

Designer Office Space Competition – Create your Own Luxury Work Setting

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Designer office space Liverpool Street London

At LondonOffices, we’ve got a good idea of what makes an office work in the…

Is Creative Office Space in Central London Essential for TMT Companies?

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  As the BBC has recently revamped two floors of its Broadcasting House to make it…

Offices in London to Rent with Wonderland theme Changing the Game?

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Offices in London to rent Queen of Hearts room

New offices in London to rent with Alice in Wonderland-theme are set to be a real game-changer…

New Statistics Show Increased Interest in Open Plan Office Space

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worship street open plan office

More companies in London choosing open plan office space.   New trends show that firms…

Benefits of Creative Space For Those Who Rent Offices in London

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Waterloo tea party room designs for those who Rent Offices in London

How contemporary, creative office space affects work efficiency for those whose employers rent offices in…

Lexmark Reveals Favourite Office Technology for London Office Design

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rent an office in London tidy desk and PC

New study shows what aspect of London office design people like most for the desk.  …

Unusual architecture of office space buildings in the capital and how it affects functionality

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The style and structure of London office builds can determine the way the space is…