Introducing our Latest Workspace Partnership, London’s Barbon Buildings

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The elegant Barbon Buildings can be found nestled within the beauty of London’s Red Lion…

Customer Facing Designed Office in London Could Boost Business

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Savoy Street office in London

If you are inviting a client into your office in London, to set up a…

Corporate Gyms within Office Space in London: Why and Where

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office space in London gym

As an employer you may not consider a healthy lifestyle for your employees your responsibility….

High London Office Space Rent Left Decor Dull? Try Savvy Accessories

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accessoried managed office space london

Many office providers, quirky co-working space aside, will often tend to stick to a basic…

Leave Your London Office Space and Spend Lunch Without a Screen

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Desk Lunch serviced offices london

In London there are thousands of things that could be done during a lunch break…

Launch Alert! Five Star City of London Office – 5 Jewry Street, Aldgate

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Simply incomparable in fit out this stunning, innovate City of London office is extremely modern,…

Offices to Rent in London With the Colour Scheme ‘Happy’

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happy colourful faces - London serviced office employees

The standard scene in many offices to rent in London today is that of shades…