What are Central London Serviced Offices? A Question of Semantics

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Serviced offices, Canary Wharf (i2 Office)

If there’s one thing every industry on the planet has in common, it’s a love…

Music in Managed Office Space in London: Distracting or Productive?

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Desk Turntable music in managed office space london

Many people find that listening to music whilst working in managed office space in London helps…

Green London Serviced Offices Strive for Sustainability

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energy efficient office

London Serviced Offices are striving for sustainability! In the modern day it is more important…

Ditch the Sofa Office, Benefit from Serviced Office Space in London

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Working from home temporary office space in London

Getting a first-hand insight from our very own CEO Chris Meredith, Londonoffices looks in to…