Tbricks expansion plans mean a new office in London

Tbricks, a leading provider of innovative high-performance trading systems, has decided to expand its company to include a London office. They have also hired a prominent expert Darran Hodder as their sales directors.

The move will allow the company to make an impact on the London market place, which will help the company to financially grow in accordance with the business forecast.

Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks, said, “It is very natural for us to open up a London office to better serve our customers.

The company actually offers innovative technology to proprietary trading professionals, with software specifically designed for strategy-based trading as well as manual input trading. All of this allows for immense levels of scalability and unrivalled performance.

Urs Rutschmann, COO of Tbricks, said, “We are pleased to announce that Darran Hodder has joined Tbricks as Sales Director, based in our new London office.

He added, that Darran Hodder will be well suited to the role has he has an immense understanding of high-frequency low-latency trading environments.

The company has a clear idea of how they can operate in London and intend to focus on the needs of trading firms in the capitol. As a result they are offering up-to-date coverage of other markets, such as Europe and America, so that their clients can have the right information at the right times whilst trading.

Mr Hansbo added, “The demand for our products is strong and we are planning to open additional regional offices soon.” This means that there will be less office space vacant on the UK market.