Focus on Tech City: Perfect for Tech’s looking to Rent a Space in London

Rent a Space in London Old Street

Tech City is London’s answer to Silicon Valley. If you’re a burgeoning tech start-up looking to rent a space in London, this is definitely the place to be.

East London Tech City, also known as Tech City or by the slightly dampening title of Silicon Roundabout, is a London region that has been developed to attract technology companies, particularly innovative start-ups and high-growth tech firms.

A Brief History of Tech City

Tech City began attracting technology firms several years ago, before the government took notice. It is based principally in the trendy, relatively low-cost region to rent a space in London, Shoreditch.  Shoreditch benefits from close proximity to the City of London and tech firms began arriving in their droves as the area became known as a tech-friendly hub. Various work space solutions like campus style offices and co-working spaces sprang up and before long, the government had launched a campaign to drive greater growth in the area.

As such the region soon became officially recognised as Tech City and, with the support of big names like Cisco, Facebook and Google, major investment began pouring in.

Tech City Rent a Space in London

Where is Tech City?

It’s a widespread region that’s mainly focused in Shoreditch. The area extends from Old Street Roundabout right over to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. However there are no boundaries as such. It’s fairly fluid, and Tech City is frequently described as a hub or an initiative rather than a specific location, so expect this region to shift and grow considerably over the next few years. It may even spread closer to the City of London, as numerous reports suggest that an increasing number of technology firms are choosing to rent a space in London City in order to be closer to key financial clients.

Rent a Space in London’s Tech City

Tech City isn’t short of options if you’re looking to rent a space in London, and you’ll find plenty of flexible solutions in and around the area. Check out our Shoreditch office space listings – you’ll find tons of flexible work space located in Shoreditch, both in the heart and on the fringes of Tech City. As previously said, Tech City doesn’t have boundaries so even if you’re not bang next to Google, you’re still close enough to benefit from Tech City’s community spirit.

Check out these start-up friendly serviced offices on Rivington Street, which come with lovely period features and even a rooftop garden (perfect for impressive your clients). Or, take a peep at this business centre on Great Eastern Street, a large building offering everything from single desks, shared space and hot-desking right up to large private suites. With five floors of flexible serviced office space, there’s plenty of room for growth when you rent a space in London here.

What’s Next for Tech City?

There’s no doubt that Tech City is growing. Around 1,300 technology firms are currently based around Silicon Roundabout and they’re expected to keep flooding in. The government has stepped up its focus on East London’s tech hub, and with major corporations like Google backing the scheme it’s certainly set to accelerate in size and stature over the next few years.

Google recently opened a seven-storey Campus there and other multinationals including Microsoft and Cisco are said to be in the process of creating innovation centres in the area for those looking to rent a space in London’s Tech City. The government introduced various incentives such as a multi-million pound investment fund for East London start-ups, which is set to keep Tech City in the limelight.