Pure-Play Tech Firm Supponor Finds WeWork Space with Londonoffices

WeWork Hammersmith Supponor

Adding to Londonoffices’ diverse portfolio of clients, Supponor are an innovative and exciting enterprise. Looking for creative space to build upon their revolutionary business idea, we helped them to find the perfect office at WeWork Hammersmith.


About Supponor

Supponor Logo

Supponor are revolutionising the way that advertising is communicated at large events, bringing solutions at the cutting edge of digital broadcasting to a global network of elite clients. They are a highly professional and technologically advanced business that is able to deliver “the quality of augmented reality solutions required by leagues, clubs and their media and commercial partners around the world.

Working at mass-audience sporting events Supponor have deployed their technology across a broad range of football, hockey, basketball, motor-racing and American football occasions. They combine traditional broadcast solutions with their innovative augmented reality overlays to produce highly effective marketing.

An Office with Personality

The co-working and private office space at WeWork is the perfect match for Supponor’s business personality and brand. These office providers are well known for their vibrant atmosphere and close communities, being most popular with creative, tech and arty start-ups.

WeWork Hammersmith Supponor

Offering regular business and social events, the new office will help Supponor to nurture and grow their contemporary business model with the help of similarly creative minds and experts working within the centre.

This particular office is a great team building space that places pronounced significance on employee wellbeing. Unique, luxury facilities at this centre include an arcade room for engaging with your inner child; a brainstorming room for group discussions and new initiatives; a wellness and quiet room for those who include meditation, prayer or just a minutes’ peace into their daily routine; outdoor space for that refreshed feeling and even a dog friendly attitude so the Supponor team never have to be without their best friends.

A Visual Company with an Aesthetic Office

Being a visual company who are changing the way people advertise and reach their audiences, this business centre has the ideal aesthetics. Interior designs are based on the area’s tranquil riverside setting with open parks and lively shopping districts in the surrounding borough. This provides Supponor with both the energy of Hammersmith’s artistic, theatrical nature as well as the space to create and grow in a serene setting.

WeWork Hammersmith Supponor Biophilia

Adam Joyce, the Londonoffices consultant who aided Supponor in their search says, ‘Supponor came to Londonoffices whilst they were based in a large, light industrial unit in Acton and we were able to help revolutionise the way that they worked, much in the way they do for their clients! What occurred was a complete culture shift for the business that now has a workspace that truly represents them as a company.

Londonoffices are sure that this creative and community focused centre will be the perfect office solution for this budding and passionate enterprise.