Not All Shoreditch: Tech Firm Takes Mayfair London Office Space Lease

Hanover Square London office space lease

Tech City might be home to Google, Cisco and a legion of smaller startups, but one leading tech firm has opted to take its first London office space lease away from Silicon Roundabout – in Mayfair.

InfoStretch Establishes European Base

InfoStretch, which provides mobile app development and certification services, has revealed that it is to take a new London office space lease in Hanover Square in Mayfair.

It’s the first European office for the company, which launched in 2004, and has since expanded to locations in Silicon Valley and Philadelphia in the US, and Ahmedabad and Pune in India. It was recently ranked among the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in North America for the fourth year running.

Establishing a European base was the natural next move for InfoStretch. Working with companies around the globe they include many Fortune 500 companies among their customer base.

Why Take a London Office Space Lease in Mayfair?

So why Mayfair? It might traditionally be associated with private investment companies and hedge funds, but as one of London’s most established and highly sought-after business locations, Mayfair also has considerable prestige.

The quality of the office space available is also high and typically found in period buildings. This makes Mayfair ideal for companies who want a London office space lease which builds a bit of that London heritage into their brand image.

London office space Berkeley SquareLondon office space Curzon Street Exterior

Speaking about the choice of location for their European office, Rutesh Shah, President and CEO of InfoStretch said; “Our customer base has been consistently growing in Europe and our new office right in the heart of London will definitely help to establish stronger roots with existing and new clients… Staying close to our customers will help us to understand their pain points and unique needs of the market.

The London office space lease will accommodate sales, customer service, development and technical support staff. This new acquirement will also create a number of new jobs in the capital.

What this Means for Tech City

Presently, InfoStretch’s decision to locate away from Tech City isn’t likely to signal the end of Silicon Roundabout. However, it is a reflection of how diverse today’s growing tech industry is. This venture serves as a reminder that there’ll always be a requirement for alternatives to Tech City; even among the tech community itself.

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(Image by  Hassocks5489 via Wikimedia Commons.)