The benefits of creative workspaces

The benefits of creative office space


How contemporary creative office space affects work efficiency.


Recently more and more companies have been considering more open and creative workspaces. However, do these really help employees to work harder or do they in fact create a series of distractions that leads to laziness and slacking off? This article will look at both the positives and negatives of creative open workspaces and the effect they have on every day efficiency levels.


Firstly, many open offices feature alternative break spaces including fairly normal areas such as cafeterias to the more bizarre such as Pixar’s basketball court or Google’s huge aquarium. These can provide a much needed distraction for employees and even help them to come up with bigger better ideas. However, if abused it could lead to a lot of time wasting and a lack of any actual work.


Art and interior design are also a huge part of more contemporary modern offices. For example, Facebook’s brand new offices in London tread the line between industrial and bizarre. The company has chosen to leave many of the building’s interior features on show such as air conditioning, pipes and even original brickwork.


When it comes down to it really the workforce and nature of work are what matters. If you are just typing up data and administration files then chances are you won’t need an overly contemporary office space. On the other hand if you’re trying to innovate and come up with new ideas creative office properties are ideal. You need look no further than the companies that occupy them for evidence of this.

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