THECUBE looking to encourage innovative ideas

A unique experiment is being trialled in London.

Shared offices in the east end of London could herald an interesting approach to problem solving by bringing together everyone from different businesses, whether friendly or not.

A structure known as THECUBE has been designed to gain the maximum potential out of clients who are using the commercial office space in Shoreditch.

The collaboration, which is being backed by Virgin Media is aimed at allowing companies to work better together and therefore keep them at the forefront of their industries.

People who come up with initiatives are encouraged to share the ideas with those who are working in the same commercial property as brainpower is used to harness solutions which could suit everyone.

Araceli Camargo the founder of THECUBE is adamant that the office space design can take off and flourish even in the hectic world of London business.

Mr Camargo said: “Not enough workplaces are designed to help innovation to thrive, so it happens despite the environment rather than because of it.

THECUBE is trying to do things differently, so that brains are brought together rather than kept apart, and technology is used to help things happen rather than getting in the way,” he said.

Virgin Media have fitted ultra fast internet connections to the commercial building meaning that there is no strain on the office employees as they go about their daily work.

It is hoped that the twin combination of intelligent thought and lightening fast media connections will be a success.

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