Top 5 tips to help you shut down your office for Christmas

Make sure your office is protected this festive period.

A guide to help you effectively shut your office down for Christmas.

With Christmas well and truly upon us and the infamous Christmas work’s do still fresh in your mind, the time has come to think about packing up the office for the festive break. No one wants to remember they’ve forgotten to send that all important email while carving the turkey or fret about their internet security while unwrapping their Xmas gifts, which is why it’s important to get prepared properly ahead of your time off.

With all the excitement that Christmas brings it can be easy to forget things, especially when it comes to the last few hours in work. In the festive spirit, here’s our top five tips to help you shut your office space down for Christmas.

1. Make sure your internet security is set up: With many businesses shut down for an extended period of time, Christmas is the ideal time for hackers to attack. To deter them, ensure you’re using an effective anti-virus software which is up to date and which will run for the whole time you’re away from the office.

2. Ensure you’ve backed up: With many still hoping for a white Christmas this year, there’s a chance your office could incur property damage from bad weather. To protect your business and give you total peace of mind over Christmas and new year, it’s a good idea to back all your files up and store them in a secure location.

3. Set up your calendar: To help you hit the ground running next year it’s a good idea to try and set up your calendar for 2012. Doing this means you’ll be prepared for the new year ahead of schedule, helping you to get back on track quickly after the break.

4. Switch off all unnecessary items: Unless you’re renting a serviced office you’ll probably be dreading the electric bill for this quarter. To cut costs, ensure all unnecessary equipment like monitors, printers and scanners are switched off at the wall before you leave for Christmas.

5. Set up an email auto-response: The last thing you should do before you leave is set up an email auto-response. Although it’s highly unlikely anyone will email you while you’re away, it’s a good idea to set up an cheery festive-themed auto-response just in case.

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