Forget a Business Lunch – Top 3 Business Breakfast Locations in London

Breakfast meeting London offices

The tradition of settling a business deal over a phenomenal lunch has, over the years, become well-established.  However, with the 24-hour world that we live in today, why do we have to wait till lunch to get down to what’s really important? The answer is we don’t. More and more regularly, business men and women throughout London hit the ground running each morning discussing business over breakfast.

Alex Williamson, Corporate Account Manager at Londonoffices, regularly meets clients out and about in London, discussing business details over anything from a blueberry smoothie to a steak dinner. This month, his foodie focus is on the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

  1. The Wolseley
  • European Café Restaurant

Wolseley Exterior business breakfast

Serving breakfasts from 7.00am – 11.30am Monday to Friday, this beautiful Mayfair café sits next to the infamous Ritz Hotel. The location is also just a short walk from the stunning Green Park and creates the perfect start to a day in Mayfair.

The Wolseley is famous for its breakfasts, so much so that it even has its own breakfast book! For the time and health conscious there is Muesli or oats with a Blueberry and Spirulina smoothie. Or, if you’re really trying to impress, treat your client to a caviar omelette. Whatever the occasion the Wolseley’s menu is creative and varied with dishes available from under £5 right up to £80! They even have a great selection of pastries which greet and tempt you as you walk through the door for those with a sweet tooth.

Wolseley Pastries business breakfast

  1. Duck and Waffle
  • British cuisine with European influences

View from Duck and Waffle business breakfast

Sitting in the heart of The City, this restaurant is ideally positioned to meet clients for breakfast. The building, Salesforce Tower, an iconic office building itself, is home to provider Landmark’s offices. Duck and Waffle sits upon the 40th floor of the structure, enabling it to offer diners spectacular views of the London Skyline.

Breakfast is served Monday – Friday 6:00am-10:30am with the signature dish being duck and waffle, of course! My personal favourite is the Columbian Eggs which comes served with sourdough toast & avocado.

Duck and Waffle Signature Dish business breakfast

The only downside of this restaurant is its own reputation. The location is very popular with tourists and it can be difficult to get a last minute table. You’ll have to be organised if you want to host a business breakfast here!

  1. The Villandry
  • Grand Café

Villandy business breakfast Exterior

The Villandry sits within the village-like setting of Marylebone. The ‘red room’ in which breakfast is served between 7.30am – 11.30am is warm and intimate, ideal for a relaxed business meeting at the start of the day.

The menu is influenced by French cuisine and breakfast consists of anything from leek & sweet potato galette to poached eggs on courgette & sweetcorn fritters or the more traditional English breakfast. Pastries, salads, juices and fruit are all also available for the health conscious or those who prefer a sweeter start to the day.
Villandy English Breakfast

From incredible views, quaint and tranquil surroundings or something to blow your clients out the water, these three options are very different but equally impressive, offering a pleasant way to spend your morning.

So, take the bull by the horns and start the day on a high. Swap your business lunch for a business breakfast and join the proactive new trend.

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